woocommerce payments cbd

Thanks for any advice.

Wondering if anybody had any experience with integrating Square/WooCommerce? The official plugin/extension only had a 3 star rating with a whole lot of complaints about the product sync and other issues. On the other hand there were some 5-star reviews, too, so hard to know what to make of that.

Here you can read more details and recommendations about how you can sell CBD products with WooCommerce:

I know Square is one of the very few that supports this.

If you steer clear of Automattic extensions can you use a different payment gateway? I see that Stripe doesn’t allow CBD, which would be another logical choice.

Woocommerce payments cbd


For a rate of 3.9 – 4.8% + 10-30 cents per transaction, WooCommerce store owners may now process payments for CBD products. Want more details? Learn how to sell CBD Online with WooCommerce here.

1. Select a MyWorks Sync plan
2. Install WordPress plugin
3. Connect to QuickBooks
4. Configure default settings
5. Map existing data
6. Optionally push past data
7. Begin syncing new data

Accounting for your WooCommerce CBD Store

While the number of regions that are legalizing the sale of CBD and cannabis-derived products has been steadily increasing, this market continues to be heavily regulated – both in the US and other countries. More importantly, the technology supporting CBD-related businesses can contain just as much red tape than these legal regulations. This usually extends to cover two main areas of your online store: the platform, and the payment processor.

Although Shopify itself does not outright prohibit CBD related products, the Shopify Payments portion of Shopify is powered by Stripe, which will not process CBD related payments at all. This forces users to look for a 3rd party payment processor that Shopify supports – which would result in additional redirects at checkout and reduce conversion rates. More importantly, however, Shopify does notify store owners that if their stores are selling high-risk products, they will be closed without warning.

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An important part of making that first sale, however, is how you choose to process and accept payments from your customers. Due to the regulated nature of CBD and related products, the choice in payment processors is limited. Among the top 5 most established payment processors, Square is the only one that can process payments for CBD products.

WooCommerce as a CBD Online Store/eCommerce Platform

This means that you can take advantage of the main benefit WooCommerce brings to your business – owning your platform. Building your CBD store using WooCommerce means it can never be shut down or otherwise regulated due to a decision made by your eCommerce platform or partners – much unlike Shopify.

Setting up is the first step; ensuring a successful store is the next step!

Woocommerce payments cbd

If you’re looking to create bundle or allow customization on products, the Add-Ons Ultimate plugin is the best way to go in our opinion.

We wanted to allow customers to buy multiple cannabis strains of their choosing in a discounted bundle. We experimented with several different WordPress plugins that added in this functionality, and Add-Ons Ultimate was hands down the best choice for the job.

There are payment processors such as Square, PayPal that will not work with our industry but we have smaller alternative payment networks we work with and we also accept Bitcoins.

Customers can choose from up to four different cannabis flowers to add to their bundle using a dropdown field interface.

Is there anything else we should know?

First, let’s look at some of the background to selling CBD and cannabidiol products online with WooCommerce.

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Our team built our site in house using WordPress, and yes we are using a theme (Flatsome).

However, there are some considerations you’ll need to take into account:

What made you choose to use the WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate plugin?

In this latest case study, I spoke with Billy from BC Bud Supply who supply cannabis, CBD, vapes and other related products online. They’re based in British Columbia, Canada, where cannabis is legal for both medical and recreational purposes.

We have a solid foundation and a strong customer base, and our next steps for the business are focused on just scaling and trying to reach new customers.