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Whitcoulls, Wed 27 Nov 2013

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Sat 26 Feb 5:00pm

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Whitcoulls cbd

“Once we solve some of those issues, I really have no doubt the locals will come back.”

Pointing to the demise of another CBD bookstore, PaperPlus, about 10 years ago, local BayleysLocations leasing agent Marty Barwood says “people don’t buy as many books and as much stationery as they used to”.

“Queenstown obviously is an expensive location.”

She also won’t comment on the future of its other local store at Frankton’s Remarkables Park.

Queenstowner Mike Davies, whose family is the landlord, says “it’s sad when one of our original tenants moves out, but I guess it’s a sign of the times”.

The chain’s boss Brenda Pennycuick says it’s “not a location that is working for us”.

“We never like to be closing stores but it’s a business/commercial decision.”

Till then, he’s predicting more casualties like Whitcoulls.

Steve Wilde, who heads the DowntownQT lobby group, says Whitcoulls’ closure is “one of the most high-profile casualties of the current situation, which is that proportionately not as many locals are coming into town”.