what is cbd roll on used for

What is cbd roll on used for

With an essential oil roller, you can enjoy one of a variety of different aromas depending on what your end-goal is. Regardless of the scent, though, you can enjoy 100mg of Full Spectrum CBD in each roller. This gets dispersed over time, and the CBD enhances what the aromatherapy is already providing.

In need of Focus? Envy CBD’s Focus Essential Oil Roller delivers an increase in productivity, motivation, and energy to not only stay alert, but to dominate whatever you set out to do. Formulated with rose essential oil, feelings of anxiety are washed away with ease!

Finally, possibly the most well-known essential of all – lavender. We’ve infused it with Full Spectrum CBD into an essential roller designed to help with sleep, among other things.

What are CBD Essential Oil Rollers – and more importantly, why would we even want to use them? Today, we look to answer these questions and more. If you’ve been considering CBD or specifically a CBD topical, this may be the answer you’ve been looking for!

What is cbd roll on used for

As we break down how to use a CBD roll-on, we’ll give you all of the “do’s and “don’t”s of this relaxing product.

Do: try out different areas of the body

If you are unsure where the best place to apply the roll-on is, consider where your tension is coming from and target that area! Roll-ons can be used to treat conditions like tennis elbow, backaches, or soreness in the muscles!

How Do You Use a CBD Roll-On for Muscle and Joint Pain?

Of course, there are limitations to these products – they are not a final cure for all aches and pains. It’s also important to remember that you want to steer clear of open wounds or even minor cuts when applying the roll-on or other topical pain relievers.

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When using CBD roll-ons, you simply apply the roller directly onto your skin where your muscle/joint pain occurs. As you apply, use circular motions without putting too much pressure on the area.

Can CBD Really Absorb Through The Skin?

Don’t: apply them to your face.

Most CBD roll-ons are THC-free. That being said, CBD roll-ons do offer specific results that other CBD forms do not. Depending on the ingredients, these rollers work topically to provide relief as well as instant sensations. Some varieties perform a cooling sensation, while others have a warming sensation – both kinds provide different advantages you might be looking for.