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The Indica strain that changed the cannabis scene forever. Grow Northern Lights seeds or any of its best descendants and harness its remarkable benefits. Buy feminized cannabis seeds (marijuana/weed) at a massive bargain rate from MSNL. Fast, stealth and efficient delivery on all our discounted feminized seeds! Buy Northern Lights seeds online from Seedsman. Discover the different Northern Lights strains available. Get free seeds with every order.

Northern Lights Seeds

Northern Lights seeds produce the finest female marijuana plants you’ll ever find. These plants offer a cannabinoid-rich experience that recreational and medicinal consumers enjoy.

Various incredible flavors and effects give gardeners extraordinary growing experiences worth writing home about. Not only does Homegrown Cannabis Co have the best seeds in town; they’re also available to every town across the country!

With hundreds of premium marijuana seeds to choose from, the options are limitless. For each strain, we offer detailed descriptions, strain profiles, and an overview video hosted by Kyle Kushman so you know you get the facts.

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Northern Lights Seeds for Sale

Northern Lights seeds produce the finest female marijuana plants you’ll ever find. These plants offer a cannabinoid-rich experience that recreational and medicinal consumers enjoy.

Various incredible flavors and effects give gardeners extraordinary growing experiences worth writing home about. Not only does Homegrown Cannabis Co have the best seeds in town; they’re also available to every town across the country!

With hundreds of premium marijuana seeds to choose from, the options are limitless. For each strain, we offer detailed descriptions, strain profiles, and an overview video hosted by Kyle Kushman so you know you get the facts.

  1. Light (6)
  2. Less than average (1)
  3. Average (1)
  4. More than average (2)
  5. Heavy (7)More
  1. Mostly Indica (14)
  2. Hybrid (1)
  3. Mostly Sativa (2)
  1. Space Travel (2)
  2. Slow Motion (2)
  3. Doc’s Clinic (1)
  4. Curated Cultivar (2)
  5. Starting Point (1)More
  1. 6-8 Weeks (9)
  2. 8-10 Weeks (6)
  3. 10-12 Weeks (2)
  1. Photoperiod (11)
  2. Autoflowering (6)
  1. Anxiety (17)
  2. Arthritis (16)
  3. Cramps (2)
  4. Depression (17)
  5. Fatigue (2)
  6. Inflammation (2)
  7. Insomnia (11)
  8. Migranes (16)
  9. Muscle Spasms (9)
  10. Nausea (2)
  11. Pain (1)
  12. Stress (17)More
  1. Temperate/Continental (17)
  2. Sunny/Mediterranean (17)
  3. Cool/Cold (1)

What are the Northern Lights seeds?

The Northern Lights is so popular; there’s very little chance you haven’t already heard of it. Renowned across the globe for their beauty and potency, these cultivars are the embodiment of their namesake.

They often display gorgeous rainbows of greens, oranges, yellows, and purples during the flowering phase. They smell and taste as incredible as they look.

Northern Lights seeds are fruity, fun, flavorful cultivars with a potent kick. The THC in this strain can be anywhere from 12 to 25%— depending on the variant.

What’s impressive about the Northern Lights seeds is that breeders can create multiple versions to accommodate growers. Customers can buy Northern Lights seeds in fast, feminized, regular, and autoflowering variants.

Potency, yields, and grow times differ between versions and growing environments. Fortunately, Northern Lights cannabis seeds are resilient and easy to grow.

Northern Lights marijuana seed genetics

Although a very popular strain, there’s still lots we have to learn about Northern Lights marijuana seeds . The amazing qualities of the plants they produce come directly from the parent strains—a combination of Afghani Indica and Thai Sativa.

  • Thai Sativa offers a woody, earthy scent and high yields with a potent 21% THC. The plants are delicate and light-colored, and the buds are a lime-green color.
  • Afghan Indica smells fruity and herbal and packs up to 19% THC. As cultivars, they’re quite short, stocky, and have thick limbs.

The Northern Lights marijuana seeds contain the best genes from both parents. These babies appear delicate but are robust and carry an insane amount of THC.

The Northern Lights family

Northern Lights is an extremely well-known strain with many offspring. Growers across the globe went to great lengths to create cultivars with new effects and flavors. Let’s look at some of the child strains of Northern Lights :

    combines Northern Lights with Big Bud to create tremendous yields and more tropical flavors .
    is the dream-child of Northern Lights and Skunk. These dank buds induce strong relaxation with a high potential of couchlock.
    plants mix genes from Northern Lights #5 and Amnesia Haze. The results include fruity, spicy buds with a strong sedative effect .

There are many varieties of Northern Lights seeds at the Homegrown store to choose from. Whether you’re a veteran or a newbie, there’s a perfect strain for you.

What are the Northern Lights variants?

Like most marijuana strains, Northern Lights seeds come in different variants. Growers can select between fast version, autoflowering, feminized, or regular seeds. Let’s look at the Northern Lights strain variants:

Regular seeds

Regular marijuana seeds are photoperiodic and rely on a set light cycle to thrive. Regular Northern Lights seeds also give cultivators a roughly 50/50 chance of growing females .

If you want males that can produce pollen to fertilize fems, regular seeds are your best option. Remember to separate them from your females to prevent unwanted pollination.

Various factors can influence the gender of regular seeds, which can turn into male, female, or even hermaphroditic plants. Depending on your needs, you may need to alter your soil pH, nutrient levels, or light cycle. Northern Lights regular seeds are the way to go for growers that want to breed Northern Lights cannabis .

Feminized seeds

Feminized seeds have a 99% chance of becoming females. Their high success rate allows growers to focus their energy on crop production and trimming instead of gender identification and male removal.

Similar to the regular versions, feminized Northern Lights plants are photoperiodic. Their growing phases depend on a consistent light cycle more than anything else. Growers should maintain 12 hours of daylight during the flowering phase for the best results . Buy Northern Lights feminized seeds now if you want hardy cultivars that offer rewards beyond belief.

Fast-version seeds

Fast version Northern Lights seeds are similar to feminized cannabis in many ways. They have a higher chance of becoming females than regular variants, with the bonus of faster lifecycles. Unlike autoflowering cannabis strains, fast versions are phenotypes of feminized seeds. Child plants have shorter growing phases, encouraging the crop to enter the flowering stage sooner.

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Fast version Northern Lights plants are also photoperiodic and require massive amounts of light to perform at their peak. Growers should provide their Northern Lights strain at least 12 hours of light daily.

Newbies should research their cultivation methods beforehand to ensure they come prepared. The faster-than-average growth speed of fast version Northern lights cannabis seeds gives less room for error and requires a steady hand.

Autoflowering seeds

Many cultivators consider the autoflowering version to be the best Northern Lights seeds because of the ruderalis genes. Its remarkable ability to flower regardless of the light supply makes auto Northern Lights a fan favorite.

Autoflowering seeds flourish indoors, outdoors, or even in greenhouses. Growers can also amp up their lights to give these babies up to 16 hours of light per day . Auto Northern Lights cannabis is an advanced cultivar that needs lots of care and attention. The slightest damage during the flowering phase can set your yields back tremendously.

Unlike photoperiod plants, autoflowering Northern Lights seeds grow into crops with a set lifespan that remains consistent. Growers, therefore, don’t need to adjust their light cycle to switch from the vegging to the flowering phase.

Why buy the Northern Lights seeds?

Medical consumers often face supply restrictions due to local policies. If you’re medically dependent on cannabis , growing Northern Lights seeds in the U.S.A means you can grow more weed than you may legally purchase.

Most states limit dispensary purchases to 4 oz. per purchase or per month for medical cannabis consumers, or 0.8 oz. per purchase for recreational consumers. Consumers may also grow up to six cannabis plants at home for personal use . If you grow Northern Lights seeds in California , you can harvest over ten times more than you can buy .

Similarly, people that wish to grow Northern Lights seeds in Colorado won’t need to worry about the 1 oz. limit for recreational use, or the 2 oz. limit for medical cannabis consumers.

From an aesthetic standpoint, Northern Lights seeds become beautiful plants with a wide range of green hues. Their flowers often also display a multitude of yellows, orange, and purple reminiscent of the Aurora Borealis.

As you can see, there are many reasons to buy Northern Lights seeds . Whether you’re a casual consumer, a cannabis connoisseur, or a hardcore stoner, Northern Lights weed seeds offer a joyful cultivation experience with delectable rewards.

How to grow Northern Lights seeds?

Now that you’re pumped to cultivate your own weed, you’ll need to prepare your growing area . Install all the lights, ventilation, and climate control methods before you start germinating your Northern Lights seeds to avoid complications.

Similarly, outdoor growers should prepare an area of the garden with plenty of light and good weather protection. Growers can add tarps or wind nets to provide additional protection if necessary.

If you’re a greenhouse grower, you have the option of extra artificial lighting to boost your Northern Lights cannabis yields to match indoor plants. Ensure there’s enough space and ventilation for your plants to prevent mold from growing.

Germinating Northern Lights seeds

Cultivators can practice multiple methods when germinating Northern Lights seeds . Three popular techniques work better than sticking your seeds directly in the soil.

Germinating Northern Lights cannabis seeds increases your plants’ survival rate and improves nutrient intake . Not only will your seeds be more prepared, but they’ll also have the upper hand.

On average, Northern Lights marijuana seeds take around 1 to 5 days to germinate. Each method has varying success rates and germination lengths. Let’s explore the different techniques and their efficiency:

Paper Towel method:

The paper towel method is the Homegrown-guaranteed way to germinate Northern Lights weed seeds. It’s a simple yet highly effective way to germinate seeds and ensure your crops have a strong taproot when you plant them.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Some paper towels.
  • Water (Purified is better than filtered or tap water)
  • Plates
  • Tweezers

Instructions to follow:

  1. Use the water to moisten one of the paper towels.
  2. Put the wet paper towel on one of the plates.
  3. Gently place your Northern Lights seeds on the paper towel with one inch between them.
  4. Moisten another paper towel and place it over the seeds to cover them.
  5. Tilt the plate and lift the paper towels to remove stagnant water.
  6. Find a spot dark spot that’s around 75℉ to put your seeds. At this point, you can also place a second plate upside-down over the first to protect your seeds.
  7. Moisten the paper towels when they start drying out, and keep an eye on your seeds.
  8. Do daily checks to keep them wet and to track taproot development.

The paper towel method offers a 99% success rate. As long as you follow the instructions and prevent your seeds from drying out, your seeds will pop within 24–120 hours.

When you see the tiny white roots, you can pick them up with the tweezers and plant them into the growing medium.

Water Bag method:

If you use the water bag method, you’ll need a small ziplock bag and some water. After you place your Northern Lights seeds in the ziplock baggy and add about 0.3 fluid oz of purified water, you zip it shut and place the bag in a warm, dark area.

The water bag method is very popular among growers but doesn’t carry the Homegrown-guarantee. While highly effective, there’s no guarantee that your Northern Lights seeds will pop.

On average, growers state that seeds can take between 2 and 5 days to develop a taproot .

Stone Wool method:

When you use stone wool blocks for germinating Northern Lights seeds , you create a little micro-biome for your seeds. You can often find stone wool at garden centers or horticulture stores.

  1. Place your seeds inside the stone wool block.
  2. Allow the rock wool to soak up water until its’ saturated.
  3. Place your Northern Lights weed seeds in an airtight container.
  4. Put the container in a warm, dark area and monitor for a taproot daily.

The container maintains the moisture and temperature, allowing your Northern Lights seeds to flourish undisturbed. Unlike other germination methods, growers plant the complete stone wool block into the medium once the seed sprouts into a sapling.

Cultivating Northern Lights marijuana

There are various ways to cultivate Northern Lights cannabis plants. Regular, feminized, and fast versions sometimes grow tall and may benefit from human intervention but rarely need it.

As an indica dominant hybrid, Northern Lights plants generally stay quite short throughout their lives. The indica genes in Northern Lights feminized seeds grow into bushy, stocky ladies with broad leaves.

To keep fungal growth at bay, cultivators should trim away unnecessary foliage regularly. Indoor and greenhouse setups usually generate higher humidity levels, which growers should also consider when trimming their plants.

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Autoflowering Northern Lights weed plants are the shortest of the lot and wonderful for growers who prefer the Sea of Green (SOG) cultivation method. A canopy of bud can increase yields, flavor, and resin production.

The benefits of indoor and greenhouse setups often mean higher yields and year-round cultivation. Outdoor growers are more restricted by the weather and should plant their Northern Lights cannabis seeds in early June.

Regardless of your growing methods and setup, having your own Northern Lights Homegrown Diary to keep track of your plants is a lifesaver. You can monitor your cultivars’ development and compare your progress with others.

Harvesting Northern Lights cannabis

Harvesting Northern Lights marijuana is that point in the process where your mouth starts drooling, and expectations run high. As the plants mature, growers start smelling the delectable buds enter their final stage.

Depending on the variant of Northern lights cannabis you cultivate and your growing methods, harvest periods may differ. Each version has an optimal grow cycle that offers ideal yields.

Regular versions are ready for harvest around the 7th flowering week . You should harvest fast and feminized Northern lights plants during the 8th flowering week.

Auto seeds are in a class of their own and only live for about nine weeks in total. To ensure you have potent buds and high yields, give your auto plants as much light as possible during the last weeks of their lives.

Drying Northern Lights cannabis

Before you can cure your Northern Lights marijuana buds, you need to dry them. Drying cannabis is a vital step in making the flowers smokable. It’s also a very delicate procedure that can make or break your Northern Lights buds’ final aromas, colors, tastes, and potency.

There are various drying methods you can use to prepare your Northern Lights buds for smoking. Depending on your drying method, the time may also differ. On average, drying takes between 5 and 15 days.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Cut down all branches with colas.
  2. Trim the fan leaves and separate the limbs into singular branches.
  3. Cut each cola into roughly 10-inch lengths.
  4. Trim the sugar leaves, and keep them in a container to create concentrates.
  5. Use wire or string to hang the colas from a line.

Ensure your Northern Lights colas are out of the sun, as direct sunlight breaks down THC and can affect the potency of buds. If you have no option outside, you can cover them with paper bags to block the sunlight. Ideally, growers should dry their weed indoors. Ensure you have sufficient ventilation to keep the humidity levels at 50% and maintain the average temperature at roughly 60–75 ℉ .

Monitor your Northern Lights buds daily, and check for funguses or pests to ensure you’re not caught off-guard. Once the nugs have a spongy, moist feel with a crispy, sticky outside, they’re ready for curing.

Curing Northern Lights weed

The final step in getting your Northern Lights weed ready for a joint is to cure the buds. Don’t rush the process to try smoking the flowers before you cure them. You’ll regret it.

A very popular and highly efficient way to cure Northern Lights cannabis is by using mason jars. Not only are they airtight, they’re see-through, which allows you to look inside without opening the jar.

Depending on how moist your Northern Lights buds are when you place them in the jars, curing can take anywhere between 5 and 20 days. Ideally, you shouldn’t put buds the jars in unless they have a slight crunch.

Open your jars once a day to ventilate the buds and check on their progress. If they feel a bit wettish, carefully empty them onto a plate, and leave them for a few minutes before placing them back in the jar.

Once your Northern Lights buds are crispy, fluffy, and crumble well, you can place them in airtight bags or jars for storage. If you store cannabis, check them regularly, or add humidity regulator packets to prevent mold or fungal growth.

Visit the Homegrown Forum to find useful tips on various growing, drying, and curing methods. A vibrant, helpful community of cannabis enthusiasts can go a long way in helping you grow the best bud in town.

Where to buy Northern Lights seeds

To buy Northern Lights seeds from the best supplier in the U.S.A, visit the Homegrown Store . With a massive variety of seeds, strains, and variants, you’re guaranteed to find your favorite strain.

You can order Northern Lights seeds for sale throughout the United States, with guaranteed shipping. If you want to keep your “secret stash” secret, you can also request discreet delivery whenever you buy Northern Lights seeds .

The “buy one get one free” promotion offers growers the chance to get free seeds. Customers that want a bonus with their orders should keep an eye out for the “BOGO” badge.

Whenever you purchase from the Homegrown Store, you’re buying from an American company. Whether you’re looking to buy Northern Lights feminized seeds in the U.S.A or their autoflowering cousin, we’ve got your back.

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized marijuana seeds are specifically bred to produce female plants 99% of the time. It is these female plants that produce flowers develop into the glistening, fragrant buds that are then enjoyed by all cannabis enthusiasts. They are what all the hard work effort and dedication are all for.

/Feminized Marijuana Seeds 10 2 Feminized Marijuana Seeds https://www.marijuana-seeds.nl/feminized-seeds 2

What are feminized seeds?

Of the many different types of seeds available, it is important to understand exactly what feminized means.

Feminized seeds contain two female (x) chromosomes with no male (Y) chromosomes guaranteeing female plants which produce THC-rich flowers.

Let’s look into this in more detail: Only female cannabis plants produce high levels of THC, other cannabinoids, and terpenes. Marijuana is a Dioecious plant, which means – there are separate male plants and female plants, not both. Some other species of plant have both male and female reproductive parts in the same plant, this is NOT how marijuana plants work. That means that even though male weed plants will still produce very small levels of THC, they won’t be as potent or tasty as female plants.

In addition, male plants produce pollen that, if it lands on a female, makes it produce seeds, which we all know is a red flag for lower-quality weed. Why, because once it’s pollinated all the plant’s energy goes into making seeds, not big fat sticky buds. When you’re buying seeds, you’ll often see ‘feminized’ seeds or regular seeds. If the seeds are regular, they can end up growing into females or males. This increases your risk of male plants pollinating your females and ruining the entire crop overall.

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How are marijuana seeds feminized?

Since female plants don’t naturally produce the pollen that’s necessary for breeding, there are specific techniques that breeders will implement to force female plants to pollinate other females.

By repeatedly spraying a female cannabis plant with colloidal silver, you force it to produce pollen sacks that only have female chromosomes in the pollen. This single-sex pollen is then used to cross-pollinate another female plant-producing seeds that can only grow into female plants. That’s because there is no male genetics involved anywhere in the breeding process.

Can a female plant produce seeds without a male?

If you are looking to create seeds from your female plants, either for breeding out to keep the genetic line, it is important to know if it is possible. A female plant can produce seeds without a male if a part of the plant is forced to create pollen using colloidal silver. This pollen can then pollinate the rest of the plant (or other females) to then grow seeds.

In addition, female plants can produce seeds without a male if they are ‘hermied out’. This term refers to plants transforming into hermaphrodites, or plants that are both male and female. Hermaphrodite plants often appear due to some type of stress. For instance, if your environment becomes too hot and stays too hot for too long, or, stresses like light cycle changes (due to no electricity or timer issues), cold temperatures, etc. can cause your female plants to hermie and produce seeds.

However making seeds from hermies means that there is a much higher chance of the offspring also showing hermie tendencies. This is bad news if you want high-quality, seed-free buds.

Do feminized seeds look different?

Unfortunately, there’s no reliable way to identify female seeds from male seeds by appearance alone.

What are the best feminized seeds?

The best feminized seeds will be those that produce high yields and high levels of cannabinoids, along with overall high-quality plants. These qualities tend to come from reliable, long-standing genetic lines that are produced by well-established breeders or seed banks.

What are the pros of feminized seeds?

While you might already suspect the advantages of feminized seeds, let’s review the exact pros you can expect:

Better Quality Plants

– Feminized seeds from MSNL are stable and are only made with high-quality genetic lines, proven for their strength and vigour.

Reduces risk

– When sowing regular seeds, you run the risk of bringing a male plant into your crops, which could be contained in a small space. Doing so puts you at risk of pollinating your female plants and negatively affecting your entire harvest.

Maximize space

– When you grow female plants exclusively, you’re using the most of the space you have, rather than wasting area and resources on plants that don’t produce as high-quality results.

High yields

– Growing your own weed to avoid paying high prices for it takes time, effort, and labor. So, you’ll want the yields to be as bountiful as possible. When well cared for, with feminized seeds you’re guaranteed a female plant that produces its maximum number of flowers.

What are the cons of feminized seeds?

They don’t produce more seeds

– If you’re trying to breed your own marijuana strain, then you’re going to need pollen to make seeds. In that case, feminized seeds aren’t right for you since they’ll only produce female plants that don’t contain any pollen.

Can you use feminized seeds for a mother plant?

A mother plant refers to a female plant that’s kept in veg to continually take clones from. As soon as your feminized seeds produce a plant that’s large enough, you can take cuttings off of it and make those into a mother plant. Or, avoid photoperiod light cycles to keep it in veg to serve as a mother plant. It is entirely possible to use feminized seeds to grow a healthy adult plant that you can then use as a mother to take clones off.

However, some growers do believe mother plants should only come from a ‘true’ offspring that’s been made from a male and a female. With the idea that this lends to genetic stability and normality, because, down the line, the plant could be more susceptible to becoming hermaphroditic. Using high-quality feminized seeds from MSNL you will not have to worry about hermie tendencies as our fems are not from hermied parents.

What are feminized photoperiod seeds?

Outside of gender, there are two main classifications of seeds you can grow – autoflowering, and photoperiod. Autoflowering seeds that have been bred with ruderalis genetics, or that bloom automatically without the need for a change in the day/night light cycle.

Where to buy feminized cannabis seeds?

To buy female cannabis seeds, it’s best to find a seed bank you can trust. You’ll be relying on the fact that the cannabis seeds are feminized and not just labelled that way. MSNL, the original seed bank since 1999, is proud to offer long-standing strains and the latest up-and-coming strains from reliable breeders. Plus, all the growing guides and news you’ll need to succeed in growing weed from home. Check out the strains we have for sale now.

Northern Lights Strains

The origins of Northern Lights are shrouded in mystery because there is no one single breeder who can take all of the credit for its creation. It was developed for indoor cultivation in the late 1970s around the city of Seattle in Washington state although the various genetics that gave rise to this hybrid was known to have originated in California from whence many great, modern hybrid strains of cannabis hail. The first iteration was the result of a stabilised sativa crossed with an Afghani indica.

Northern Lights made the journey to Holland in clone form and was introduced to the nascent cannabis seed market in 1985 by The Seed Bank. Due to the fact that it was only available in clone form, it could not undergo a process of in-breeding to stabilise it in order to produce seeds. For this reason, it was crossed with both Skunk #1 and Original Haze leading to the availability of seeds to a market of grateful growers.

The modern-day Northern Lights clearly displays its Afghani Indica heritage growing into small plants that nevertheless produce dense buds with loads of resin. Although primarily an indoor strain it can be grown very successfully outdoors in warmer areas. It gives a sweet smoke thick with resin and the effect is of a comfortable but lazy feeling which has come to be known as “couch-lock”.

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