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Searching for a native wildflower to incorporate into your pollinator garden? Look no further than the sweet-smelling Joe Pye Weed, as the humble plant is a favorite among butterflies and other pollinators. Thick-stemmed with long, serrated foliage, Joe Pye Weed could easily be mistaken for milkweed with its tall clust Now the customers can select either two or three different varieties they want to combine into ONE FULL PACK OF CANNABIS SEEDS. Get details and read the latest customer reviews about Premium Cannabis Seeds – 5 Pack by 5-Seeds.com on Leafly.

Shipping Schedule

Pre-ordered Bulbs: Pre-orders will not ship immediately, but they will be delivered at the ideal time for planting in your area. Spring pre-orders are placed any time before March 1. Fall pre-orders are placed any time before September 1. For customers who order bulbs in advance, please see the shipping schedule below. Orders containing both seeds and bulbs may be split into multiple shipments.

Pre-Ordered Spring Bulbs & Perennials Shipping Begins
Zones 9 – 12 Mid March
Zone 8 Mid to Late March
Zone 7 Late March to Early April
Zone 6 Mid to Late April
Zone 5 Early to Mid May
Zones 2 – 4 Mid to Late May
In-season orders ship immediately at the time of purchase to all zones until inventory is depleted.

Saffron Crocus & Bearded Iris Shipping Begins
All Zones Late August

Pre-Ordered Fall Bulbs Shipping Begins
Zones 2 – 5 Mid to Late September
Zone 6 Late September
Zone 7 Late September to Early October
Zone 8 – 12 Early to Mid October
In-season orders ship immediately at the time of purchase to all zones until inventory is depleted.
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Pre-Ordered Fall Perennials* Shipping Begins
All Zones Mid October
*Amaryllis Bulbs, Hosta Roots, Lily Bulbs, Papaver Roots, Paperwhite Bulbs, Peony Roots & Siberian Iris Roots

Multiple Ship Dates

Your credit card will be charged for the full amount of your order at the time your order is submitted, regardless of the shipping time for your items. If your order requires multiple shipping dates, you will never be charged more than once for shipping charges. This allows us to ship your non-seasonal items to you as soon as possible, as well as allocate our seasonal product for your order.

For example, a customer places an order in February consisting of 5 Pounds of Wildflower Mix and 50 Darwin Hybrid Tulip Bulbs. The order would be charged in full upon submission, the seed would be shipped immediately, and the bulbs would be shipped at the optimal time in the autumn based on the customer’s zip code.

Weed Seed Packet

PICK & MIX – the NEW custom packs EXCLUSIVELY available at our website:

Over the years we have received many requests from customers who wanted to buy just a few seeds per strain. Or to combine different seeds in 1 package. Many people prefer to grow just a few plants of different varieties together in one space.

Our SERIOUS solution is to CUSTOMIZE your choice: choose 2 or 3 seeds of different varieties and MIX them in one package. In other words: PICK the strains you want, and MIX them together in one package. First we called this “CUSTOMIZED”, now we call it PICK & MIX.

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You can select freely from our classic strains (= normally GREEN packaging), our medicinal strains (=normally BLUE packaging) and our limited edition strains (=normally SILVER packaging). The seeds of each variety you pick are placed in its own separate tube. A letter code on the tube will tell you which seeds are inside.

Each PICK & MIX pack has a CARD which shows the seeds you choose. The card has an INDIVIDUAL NUMBER. This number proofs the seeds are GENUINE SERIOUS SEEDS. KEEP that CARD with the NUMBER in case there is a problem and you want to contact us. Without that number you have no guarantee. We GUARANTEE the germination and the SERIOUS QUALITY of all the seeds inside a pack.

Our seeds have VERY LITTLE problems but it is living material and you never know. That means we will replace the seeds if there are problems with more than 1 seed. We do not send replacements of one single seed.

Now you can follow your desire and PICK & MIX the package of your CHOICE.

FIRST choose 1 of the 4 POSSIBILITIES below, CLICK on the COMBINATION you prefer for your custom pack,

Premium Cannabis Seeds – 5 Pack

Five Seeds is a wholesale distributor of Premium High THC Feminized Cannabis Seeds. We exclusively offer premium genetics breed by top European brands. Our strain selections are all popular, well known strains.

We are called Five Seeds because we only sell seeds in 5 seed packs. Our wholesale prices start at $25 for a 5 seed pack with volume discounts at 100, 500 and 1000 seed totals. We sell seeds at wholesale prices to all customers.

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Our business model is similar to companies such as Priceline.com in that we buy bulk product from premium providers and resell it at discount prices. Many seed breeders grow too many seeds in a given season, creating an opportunity for us to buy at bulk with highly discounted prices, which we then pass on to you.

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