vita cbd review

Lauren A. struggles with anxiety. Here is her real life experience with TerraVita CBD’s Relax Tincture: “I heard about Terravita CBD through an influencer who I love because she’s not only hilarious, but she’s open about her own personal mental health struggles. I’m not one to buy things off Instagram, but I was having a particularly rough week and said f*** it, what do I have to lose? The Relax formula has changed my ENTIRE perspective on CBD products. CBD does work, but it’s all about the formulation.

I’m now a month into taking Relax by TerraVita CBD and my anxiety feels more manageable day to day. I don’t often find myself on the verge of having a panic attack. Because it’s 1000mg (very potent for CBD) I take 50ml (about 1.5 full droppers) at around 2pm daily, and 75ml before bed (over 2 full droppers). On a bad day, I up it to 75mls twice daily. I feel amazing and I’ve been getting the BEST night’s sleep in a long time all because of Relax by TerraVita CBD . Also the flavor, and this is very important. This does NOT taste like pot/hemp/grass and dirt blended together like others I’ve tried. You get a very clean lemon lime flavor and it’s delicious. Again, all in the formulation. This product has not only made me a believer in CBD but I can honestly say it’s increased my quality of life, and I’ll be a repeat customer forever because of it. “

Vita cbd review

I have 2 dachshunds and 2 Cairn terriers. The doxies eat anything without question. The Cairns, however, can have “issues” with edible items. So, I was holding my breath until they accepted the new treats.

So far so good! I’ve tried several brands of healthy “vitatreats” from amzon for my 35 lb blue healer mix, however these appear to have the best price vs. value of them all. Great mix of ingredients with no junk fillers. And my dog loves them — eats them like they are a yummy treat!

I gave the doxies one treat to entice the Cairns. The young Cairn ate her first treat standing there, not taking it to her private spot to look it over first. I gave the first treat to the older Cairn, and after he sniffed it, he took it gingerly in his mouth, no lip parts touching it. and he went to HIS private spot. and I waited until he returned seemingly eager for the next one. It helped that the flavor is CHICKEN, which is a taste he likes, as well as a word he recognizes when I say it. “Do you want CHICKEN?” always gets a favorable response.

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Time will tell about the ultimate health benefits to my lil guy but I figure starting supplementation early can only help (hes 1 yr old in human years). I will say, one thing I noticed is a difference in his coat, it’s so shiny (probably the krill and hemp).
For about $25 for so many treats, with great ingredients, you cant go wrong!

So the second treat was a well received treat for all four dogs, standing in a semicircle in front of me.
I am very pleased by this product. It seems to have great ingredients, as well as good texture, making it easy to hold each one, and to remove them singly from the jar. The powdery coating on the gumdrop sized treats keeps them from sticking together in the jar too, and bodes well for them remaining fresh for the time it will take my four dogs to devour 120 treats. I figure 30 days is about right, at two per day per dog. I may dispense them on bad weather days though. we have scattered afternoon thunderstorms, fairly often.
When the time comes to reorder, I will update my review with more detail. So far so good.

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