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Therajoy cbd

A range of TheraJoy’s body products. Kaitlyn Flannagan for Observer

Khus + Khus SEN Face Serum

High-potency CBD oils and salves can currently be found in medical marijuana dispensaries, cannabis lifestyle stores and health food stores in the states that have legalized its use. But as CBD becomes more mainstream, expect to see more big companies joining in. Andrea Hume, manager of Herbin’ Living, a smoke shop, vape lounge and dispensary in Miami, Florida can’t keep enough stock in store to keep up with the demand of CBD topicals. She predicts that in the coming months we’ll see more popular skin care companies “throwing a CBD line into their range.”

“CBD derived from cannabis has some THC in it” says Fein. That’s why his company buys its organic hemp from Europe, where it can be legally sourced and lawfully imported into the U.S. “We want to stay in compliance,” he asserts.

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Great product! Have used as needed and also given as referral to many happy friends.

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The Therajoy products I have used have…

TheraJoy has been working for me for years. Avoiding surgery, treating burns etc
I can go on and on. Best product out there.

i am completely satisfied.
great product.
great deals.
i love the Island Body Butter.
i gift Therajoy product every year to my parents. they enjoy using your product. recently, my parents told me if i am interested with getting them something for the holidays, this is preferred.
pleasing my parents with any product is finding “the” needle in a haystack.
if, hearing my parents mention your product amazes me, then, it should make you feel good and appreciate having a customer like me.
i am spreading the joy.

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Great products

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The Therajoy products I have used have been great. I have used the 3,000 mg CBD Tincture, the organic coconut oil, and the Island Body Butter and I have liked them all. My mom has also used these and has had great results just like I have. Based on my experience I would highly recommend.