thc cbd test kit canada

Thc cbd test kit canada

"It's been really eye-opening seeing the technology going into the industry," he said.

Researchers at the University of Ottawa are developing a hand-held device they hope will revolutionize cannabis production by giving growers the ability to test the ratio of THC to CBD in their plants.

"It's a very quick, easy and low-cost test," Adam Shuhendler, an assistant professor in the school's chemistry department, told the CBC's Ottawa Morning.

The results are similar to the traditional test with a five per cent margin of error, Shuhendler said.

Cheap and easy to use

The problem is the test requires some science expertise to conduct properly, and it's expensive. That's where Shuhendler and two colleagues at the U of O, Benoit Lessard and Cory Harris, saw an opportunity.

The machine has two main parts: a chip and a reader. The chip takes a marijuana sample of either liquid or smoke. The chip containing the sample is then placed in the reader. That's it.

"Push a button and out on the screen comes the ratio of CBD and THC."

U of O researchers hope easy-to-use technology will appeal to industry, home-growers alike

Pot consumers will experience different effects depending on the ratio of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to cannabidiol (CBD).

Their device, for now dubbed "the marijuana project," will cost about 50 cents per test. It's not clear yet how much the device itself will cost, but they want it to be affordable, even for home growers.

Thc cbd test kit canada

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