thc cbd percentage test kit

PRO CBD / THC Test Kit consists of two reagents: Cannabis and Zimmermann (Beam). It’s best to use this test kit for marijuana (dry herbs) or hashish and other extracts, but it’s also good for fresh flowers, cakes and other cannabis products.

CBD / THC Test Kit comes with 2 reagents for cannabis as well as its common adulterants. It is used to positively identify CBD or THC dominant samples and to rule out synthetic cannabinoids and different, less predictable and less desirable, highly toxic dangerous drugs. Multiple reagents are required to detect adulterants and increase analysis precision.

The CBD / THC Test Kit comes with a ceramic spotting plate, instructions, gloves and 2 reagents (for 50-100 tests). Every reagent bottle contains 5 or 10 ml, with each 5 drops accounting for 1 use. High-quality HDPE protects reagents from air and moisture to ensure prolonged shelf life. Special dropper guarantees 0 spills. For extra-stealth ask us in the checkout notes to remove substance-related stickers and fliers.

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NOTE: Cannabis reagents deteriorate with time, especially if exposed to sunlight or not refrigerated. If you are uncertain whether the CBD / THC reagent works, test it with a previously checked sample.

Reagents contain harmful chemicals. Keep out of eyes and mouth. Keep away from children. Always use in a well-ventilated area. Wear gloves (supplied) when handling the bottle and cap. Wear protective eyewear. Never point towards face etc. Neutralize used reagents using baking soda. If you get some on you/clothing, then immediately wash with lots of soap and water. Dispose of any unwanted reagent with running water and baking soda, ventilate. Store all testing kits away from any heat in a cool, dark place between uses, preferably a fridge. The average shelf life of 1 year can be significantly extended by storing in a freezer (warm to room temperature before use). A positive or negative cannabis reagent test result does not indicate if a substance is safe. No substance is 100% safe.


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