t bees cbd honey

They suggest a teaspoon-sized serving, which I've played with in a few different formats: mixed into my cup of evening Darjeeling tea, in a marinade for roasted brussels sprouts, and drizzled into a sidecar, which happens to be my favorite cocktail. The lack of bitterness (something that I've found all-too-often with other CBD products) was pleasantly surprising, and the subtle, caramelized sweetness tasted just like regular, high-quality honey. 

Enter Red Belly Honey. On first glance, the branding is minimal compared to the vaguely psychedelic, millenialized look of so many CBD items on the market. Grown-up CBD, I thought. As soon as I opened the jar, the fragrant, floral aromas reminded me of the fresh honey I brought back from Bermuda, where some friends keep bees in their backyard and dole out jars of liquid gold every year; it was clear that this was no lab-grown, chemical compound. 

I’m not sure when I became the unofficial CBD gal at Food & Wine. Somewhere, amidst all of the press releases that flood my inbox for sodas, seltzers, and gummies promising to help us chill out, I guess I found myself willing to give it a go. More often than not, these products don’t do very much for me, and they tend to taste a bit like, well, you know. The landscape of CBD is truly like the wild, wild west, so when I find something that actually delivers on its core promise, it’s worth talking about.

Personally, I think a lot of CBD over-promises and under-delivers. When I read through their recommendations to use a dollop of honey at bedtime for "a more restful sleep," I was skeptical, partially because many have tried and failed to achieve restful sleep in 2020, but also because so many CBD products lean heavily on sleep-related mission statements. But as I settled in to read a few chapters of my book with my honey-sweetened tea by my side, I did genuinely feel calmer. Since then, it's become a bit of a ritual, and while I haven't yet tested the honey as a topical for sore joints or muscle aches, I'm optimistic that I'll reach for it once I get back into the gym.

Sure, it’s virtually impossible to tell between a placebo effect and the real deal, but if something feels like it’s doing good things for you, tastes good, and doesn’t have a lot of gross chemicals and random additives inside, is it worth using? I say, absolutely.

T bees cbd honey

In 2005, Peter and his wife Lisa had their daughter Ruby who was born with cerebral palsy and complications of epilepsy. With many years of medical and pharmaceutical intervention, her seizures were maintained between 5-6 seizures per year. In response to the seizures, her medicine was increased to combat them after each occurrence. Peter says “There was promise in CBD when reading about its potential ability to help alleviate some of the negative aspects of Ruby’s conditions. Over the years, we have tried many drug free alternatives such as hyperbaric oxygen, reiki therapy, cranial sacral therapy, and now a wide variety of holistic approaches”. By using both traditional and non-traditional methods, Ruby is thriving to the best of her ability. When people ask, “Do you think that CBD is making a difference in Ruby’s life?” Peter’s best answer is simply yes, it has made a difference. “What we can say for sure is that her prescribed seizure medications have not been increased in the past 5 years and since we introduced CBD products to her regimen, Ruby has been seizure free.” For her daily routine, she has 4 hemp-infused honey sticks per day, the first two in the morning with her breakfast and the other two later in the evening before bed time. Peter states “Ruby was the inspiration to find a safer and natural way to enhance not only her life, but the lives of those who are looking for natural medicinal alternatives”.

Unlike the primary ingredient in marijuana; THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD has no psychoactive properties!

CBD (Cannabidol) is a phytoneutrient that possess high levels of anti-inflammatory properties derived from the hemp plant.

What is CBD?

RubyBees was founded in March 2019 and since, has been gaining national interest. Pierson, Peter’s son and the operations manager of the company says “I have seen first-hand how this simple and natural product is changing people’s lives. What works for some, may not work for others. As we take charge of our own health, exploring all options for the best results is a critical step in living your best life, and in our words, to help Be the best you can bee™!”

RubyBees is a company focused on infusing consumable products with CBD, specifically, utilizing the isolated CBD molecule from the hemp plant and infusing it with pure clover honey. RubyBees Hemp-Infused Honey is the perfect blend of Pure Clover Honey and CBD Isolate that delivers a controlled dose of CBD while offering the end user a tasty treat in the process. The honey products have been 3rd party lab tested verified to contain 0% THC (the psychoactive element in cannabis). Many of our customers eat one before a workout or after a stressful day. With its anti-inflammatory properties, it is very dynamic and has many uses!

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