super cbd chill pills review

Super cbd chill pills review

As far as pain management, I felt significant relief for the bruises on my leg from falling down (not so eloquently) and complete relief of a wrist burn from making tea. I was feeling achy and sore. The pain disappeared for several hours.

I tried mine at the end of a day working in the garden, feel pretty sore and wanting to chill out. Within 90 minutes my muscle soreness was significantly reduced. I felt relaxed but very able to function. There was no couch-lock or heavy head effect, just a nice anti-stress and pain relief effect. Just the kind of chill out experience I was hoping for. After eating the effects were reduced and after about 3 hours I was feeling a little tired, likely a combination of just being tired plus the relaxing effects of the THC and CBD.

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After an hour and fifteen minutes I was able to feel a calm, full body buzz. It was strong and I was very happy that I listened to my budtender regarding a smaller dose.

The taste isn’t great, it is sort of like eating cannabis shatter or oil. The slight berry taste just doesn’t compete well with the strong cannabis oil taste. They are meant primarily for medical use more than getting a buzz.

However, the taste was so nasty and medicinal that I almost spit it out. I couldn’t find any blueberry flavor whatsoever, it was like sucking on a NYQUIL lozenge for 5 minutes. I wouldn’t recommend this product because of its taste alone. It’s discreet and compact. Yes, it’s strong, but it tastes repulsive.

Super cbd chill pills review

A light yet romantic blend of jasmine & rose that creates a calming vibe to mellow you out.


A light yet romantic blend of jasmine & rose that creates a calming vibe to mellow you out.

You need to chill. Take some well-deserved me time with this fizzy adult bath bomb, no prescription required.


Snap to unwrap our Jasmine Rose-scented bath bomb, then sink into the tub for some well-deserved me time while a blend of hemp, jojoba, and safflower seed oils moisturize, cleanse, and leave you feeling zen. It’s going to be a hard habit to break. Pro tip: Add some of our cleansing Body Wash to your bath if you’re DTF (down to foam).

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