sucavu cbd oil

Sucavu cbd oil

Cost per mg CBD (10 Points)

Whether or not the company has provided a certificate of analysis, and if so, the extent of the certificate.

Similar to any functional supplement, effectiveness is directly correlated with dose.

Assurance (12 Points)

CBD per mL (5 Points)

There are a number of points allocated for various quality categories, including Organic certification, USA-sourced, Non-GMO, and others.

Extraction Method (3 Points)

Common extraction methods include CO2, Ethanol, Lipid and IPA. Each method has pros and cons.

Rating based on whether the CBD is Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, Isolate, or Hemp Oil.

Sucavu cbd oil

Our Representatives are trained and
prepared to coach you on how to create
and maintain a CAVU Lifestyle. The Sucavu system allows for multiple ways to earn rewards cash – as a customer, a preferred customer or a Representative!

Supreme Products Are Our First Priority

Sucavu Phyto Cannabinoids intersect with our Endocannabinoid System, whose primary function is to create balance and homeostatsis. In research studies, this system has been referred to as the “Master Regulator” for every organ & system in our body.


The word cannabinoid refers to every chemical substance, regardless of structure or origin, that attaches to the cannabinoid receptors of the body and brain called your EndoCannabinoid System.

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