stoned cbd infused tea

Stoned cbd infused tea

When it comes to its safety, according to this study by the World Health Organization , there is no potential for dependence (withdrawal and tolerance) or abuse of CBD in humans. Furthermore, you cannot overdose as there is no known toxicity 5 . It is important to note that while the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) acknowledges the potential benefits of CBD, they also communicate that CBD may interfere with how other drugs you are taking work 6 . That is why Dr. Brent Bauer, director of the Mayo Clinic Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program in Rochester, Minnesota recommends people consult their doctor or physician before taking any CBD product 7 . One should be mindful of their interactions with CBD products, as with any new product, in order to make the best decisions for their health and wellbeing.

“CBD from hemp will not bring a high”

Safety and Legality

CBD is short for cannabidiol (the chemical compound we just discussed). CBD oil is a form of this compound extracted from the leaves of the cannabis sativa plant. There are three main forms of CBD 3 described below. Don’t let all its names intimidate you. Think of it as a funnel with Full-spectrum at the top and CBD isolate at the bottom. As you filter through, you are getting closer to CBD in its purest form.

So, while CBD tea should not be intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease, it does not mean that CBD teas can’t offer other health benefits. The doctor interviewed in the study, Dr. Donald Levy, advises consumers to record which CBD products they use in a journal. Writing down brands, quantities, and responses will help track the effectiveness of the experience. This way consumers can figure out what works best and what doesn’t for their given condition.

4. Is CBD Marijuana?

No. Remember how cannabis has two varieties, hemp and marijuana? Well these varieties come from the same family so it makes sense that they share some properties. However, just because mangos and bananas are both fruits does not mean they are built the same. The CBD found in marijuana is different from the CBD in hemp because each variety has different levels of THC (the psychoactive property). Marijuana has THC levels around 15-20%, so CBD from it will bring an intoxicating high, whereas hemp has THC levels less than 0.3%, so CBD from hemp will not bring a “high” 4 .

Stoned cbd infused tea

Step 4: Now it’s time to strain out the little bits of cannabis. There’s too much water to strain straight into your mug (unless it’s enormous), so grab a bowl or ideally an empty teapot. If you’re using cheesecloth, secure it around the top of the teapot or bowl with a rubber-band or string. You can always ask your quarantine mate to hold the cheesecloth in place around the top, or solo chefs can anchor it on all sides with something heavy. Carefully and slowly pour the boiling mixture through the cheesecloth and into your chosen vessel. You can always just use a metal strainer, but it needs to be a fiiine strainer unless you’re cool with leafy bits in your teeth.

Cannabis can play a big role in coping with seasonal change. But while a non-addictive, hangover-free herbal remedy is ideal during these times of increased stress, the act of smoking is not. The solution? Don’t smoke your weed. Drink it.

Makes about three regular mug-sized cups of tea. Recommended dosing: one cup per person, and not within two hours of heading out to drive or operating serious machinery.


We’ve put together a step-by-step guide as simple as possible when it comes to that whole pesky decarboxylation thing. You, unfortunately, can’t just drop some weed in a tea bag and start steeping (unless you love the taste of soggy weed and don’t really want to get high). But you don’t have to go all out to make a quick single-serving of decarboxylated buds either. You got this.

Step 2: Add your gram of ground cannabis into the boiling pot, and turn the temperature down to a simmer.

Step 1: Boil 4 cups of water in a medium-sized pot. Once it’s boiling, add the tablespoon of butter or coconut oil and allow it to completely dissolve. THC needs something fatty to stick to under high heat—that’s how we separate the good stuff from the plant material.


Step 3: Allow this mixture to simmer for 15 minutes. For really great weed or really passionate cannabis-foodies, it can be worth it to simmer at as low a temperature as possible for a longer period of time in order to preserve the more nuanced flavors of that strain. Terpenes are the first to burn off when things get too hot, too fast.

Cannabis-infused tea takes out the loads of sugar and fat that usually come with eating edibles, while still providing a full infusion of cannabinoids from flower. It also gives your lungs a break. If you happen to have cannabis butter, infused honey, or a tincture on hand, your work is essentially already done. Just add to your tea of choice the same you would any honey or sugar.