sous vide decarb cbd

Sous vide decarb cbd

The Ardent Nova is an incredibly simple method and this little device activates 100% of your THC in your flower. According to customer support, you may want to run your batch twice to activate your CBD and all it takes is the touch of a button. It holds about 1 ounce of flower, and it’s virtually mess free. We noticed some fragrance when using it but, unlike the ladies’ perfume at my grandma’s bridge night, it wasn’t overpowering.

Just to be clear – we use these methods for personal use only. All Three Buds Apothecary Products use USDA Certified Organic Full-Spectrum Vermont Hemp Co2 Extract obtained from an independent USDA Certified Organic Lab. This ensures our product is consistent batch over batch and is within the acceptable threshold of variance.

THC and CBD are the most commonly known cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant. When the plant is raw or rooted and growing they present themselves as THCA and CBDA (known as acid cannabinoids). This chemical structure of cannabinoids offers therapeutic benefits; however, most consumers are more familiar with the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids in their neutral state (THC and CBD) which is achieved via decarboxylation. At this point you may be thinking “hang on, I don’t decarb my weed before I smoke it.” Surprise! Lighting up is decarboxylation. That flick of the flame converts THCA to THC – magic. If you’d like to learn more about this process, Project CBD is a great resource.

In both instances, you’ll want to grind up your herb to provide more surface area for decarbing. If you’re using the Ardent, just pop an ounce in the canister, press the button, and walk away. If you’re going with the sous vide method, vacuum seal your cannabis in a bag. We suggest weighing it down with something because gasses are released during the decarb (SCIENCE!) and the bag inflates and tends to float up and if your flower isn’t fully submerged, it won’t go through the phase change. Jenn freaked out a little the first time she did this method…the bag inflated so much she thought it was going to burst and soak the buds. To solve this, we double bag it and seal a heavy stone or brick into the outer bag. Set your sous vide to 194ºF (93ºC) and submerge your flower for 2 hours.

For an odorless decarb, you can use the sous vide method. If you’re unfamiliar with sous vide – it’s basically like a hot tub for cooking. You place an air tight container (e.g. a mason jar or vacuum-sealed bag) filled with whatever you’re cooking or infusing into a tub of water and the sous vide circulates the water maintaining a sustained and constant temperature. While this method is a bit more time consuming and requires a couple more tools, it’s our preference. First off, the sous vide serves multiple purposes. You can use it for more than decarbing. We use it for creating infused oils and it’s great for cooking too (because that’s really what it’s designed to do). The same thing applies to purchasing a vacuum sealer. You can use it for keeping your herb and your food fresh. Secondly, we feel it preserves the terpenes better than any other home method we’ve tried.

Decarboxylation is a clunky word with a simple process. All it involves is applying some method of heat hot enough to convert THCA to THC and CBDA to CBD. It’s the first thing you should do if you’re planning to make infused oils. There are a lot of methods out there – but these two are our favorite.

…that is the question. There’s pretty much two different camps when it comes to decarboxylation. you do it, or you don’t. At Three Buds we decarb. But, before we go any further down this path, let’s quickly cover what decarboxylating your cannabis means and why we do it.

Sous vide decarb cbd

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