silver leaf cbd

Silver leaf cbd

171 Mohawk Rd E
Hamilton, ON L9A 2H4



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Silverleaf Cannabis is an online weed dispensary with a physical store in Hamilton, Ontario.


171 Mohawk Rd E
Hamilton, ON
L9A 2H4

I met the owner of Silver Leaf, Pieter van Greunen, last year and was fascinated to hear about his accident and his subsequent quest for a product that would negate the use of the various medications that he was taking at the time. That product turned out to be CBD oil. As a very light sleeper, and working in a highly stressful environment, I decided to give Silver Leaf CBD oil a go. I started using the 500 mg CBD oil during late November 2020 and was amazed at the results after using the product for about ten days. My sleeping patterns improved dramatically, and I feel less stressed. A further benefit of the product is that my recovery time after high intensity CrossFit sessions reduced dramatically. My wife and 12 year old son also started using Silver Leaf CBD oil recently and I can attest to the fact that they sleep much better. We now use Silver Leaf CBD on a regular basis. In my view, this is a fantastic product and I highly recommend it to anybody that can benefit by the use thereof. Finally, there are many CBD products on the market and it is not always clear whether the products are legit and contain what they claim to contain. As a result I take great comfort in the fact that the Silver Leaf products are tested and officially certified to deliver what they promise in terms of the ingredients thereof.

Melanie Joubert – March 6, 2021

Since I started using the oil I have experienced less anxiety and restlessness before falling asleep. I can really recommend the oil and are looking forward to using some of the other products as well!