seo for cbd websites

Seo for cbd websites

BE CAREFUL: Some countries strictly don’t allow CBD business – Texas, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Germany, Canada, Denmark, and more. You must avoid local search if you belong among these places.

Stop thinking and start turning your dream into reality. Are you thinking of starting a new business? SEO for CBD websites is the perfect niche for you. CBD has a promising future and it is not too late to start your CBD business. You will be amazed to know that the global Cannabidiol (CBD) Market is predicting to rise at an optimal rate between 2021 to 2026.

For instance, you are having a CBD skincare company. When people search terms like “CBD tropical cream”, “CBD oil for dermatitis”, “CBD soothing serum”, “CBD calming eye-balm”, “CBD deep moisture glow,” you know they are looking for specific results. The search intent is clear. Thus long-tail keywords drive more qualified leads to your website.

SEO for CBD websites is competitive, but if you are doing it with a proper strategy and following all the rules, then no one on earth can stop you from making a reasonable sum of money out of the niche. Lastly, if you have gathered enough money for your business, you can hire a CBD marketer to do all the needful.

#5 Claim your Google my Business listings:

Meta description: The summary that comes right below the title tag is the meta description. It briefs the content inside your page. You can do this manually or let Google choose for you. For a good SEO, the result keeps it limited to 155 characters and includes the main/primary keyword.

Think on a specific niche for whom you want your website to be set for – “CBD for seniors”, “CBD for moms”, “CBD for athletes,” “CBD for pets,” etc. These keywords are relatively less competitive and will require less effort to rank. Do not choose high competition keywords like “hemp SEO”, “CBD oil SEO”. Once you establish your niche, your next target is to select wise keywords and produce quality content.

There is a lot more to do than just advertising your products. Contribute to CBD education and define your position as an expert in the field. This gives you organic followers.

What is CBD?

Linkedin, Twitter, and others allow the promotion of your products. So, you can drive potential customers from social media as well.

Lastly, optimize for local SEO. This means your keyword must contain a location. For example, “CBD companies in Florida,” “Los Angeles CBD SEO agency.” This will help you drive traffic when people conduct local searches.

Seo for cbd websites

We gathered all the advanced link building techniques in this project:

For starters, we analyzed the backlink profiles of competing websites. In such cases, the competitors’ list usually comes from the search results with SEO keywords for CBD oil and other products.


Every SEO project is aimed at a constant increase in organic traffic. We achieve it through our well-coordinated work and thought-out strategies.

Another functional tool we use to track SEO metrics is Google Search Console. Among other things, it gives information about key parameters of website ranking in Google such as Total clicks and Total Impressions. Check out the results of our work: the client’s website started to get 1,204 Clicks instead of 136 and 26,550 Impressions instead of 1,121 daily in the 7 months of the project.


This allowed the client to get traffic and sales in a short time, but that is not the only benefit. It also continues to affect many SEO metrics such as site ranking, user behavior, and traffic.