selling cbd on woocommerce

Wondering if anybody had any experience with integrating Square/WooCommerce? The official plugin/extension only had a 3 star rating with a whole lot of complaints about the product sync and other issues. On the other hand there were some 5-star reviews, too, so hard to know what to make of that.

What’s the best way to handle payment? Do I need to use Square? Are there other options?

Basically I’m pretty handy with WC and don’t necessarily need a simple “one-click” solution (not a hard-core coder but I can handle a little PHP if necessary), just wanted to check and see what experience others had with Square and other potential options.

Thanks for the links, I saw those woocommerce ones already and that’s where I got the notion that Square might be my only option if I want to use Automattic add-ons.

Thanks for any advice.

If you steer clear of Automattic extensions can you use a different payment gateway? I see that Stripe doesn’t allow CBD, which would be another logical choice.

I know Square is one of the very few that supports this.

Automattic Happiness Engineer

Longtime Woo Commerce developer, looking to start a small ecommerce operation selling CBD products.

Selling cbd on woocommerce

Yet, the support rep mentioned that this included but wasn’t limited to sites using, the Jetpack plugin, and any extensions from

Frequently Asked Questions on selling CBD products via WooCommerce

Yes, you can use WooCommerce for your store Since our software is open source, we do not limit its usage.

Can I get support for a WooCommerce store selling CBD products?

In line with the guidelines, controlled substances (such as marijuana, cannabidiol, CBD, and other cannabis-derived products) are prohibited for sales.

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