samples of cbd

Samples of cbd

Mistrioty notes that high quality, concentrated CBD tinctures can often be expensive. BATCH made a point to offer “mini” CBD tinctures starting at just $35 a bottle, so customers can try concentrated, effective blends without breaking the bank.

Now after over two years of success, they’re relaunching as BATCH, a boutique line of premium CBD tinctures, lotions, and balms.

In an industry full of proprietary techniques and secret recipes, transparency remains at the forefront for BATCH. “The last thing the industry needs is for hemp to seem sketchy,” says Mistrioty.

Using only the finest organic ingredients, each product is meticulously crafted in-house with a variety of signature full-spectrum hemp extracts coupled with powerful terpene blends.

BATCH Rebrand

Mistrioty had just earned his business degree, while Lynch and Gould graduated with degrees in chemical engineering. Mistrioty’s business knowledge paired with Lynch and Gould’s scientific perspective created a perfect synergy for hemp processing.

Driven by an unwavering curiosity and motivation, the guys behind the brand quickly became hemp experts. Returning from Seattle with newfound expertise (especially for the Midwest), the team wasted no time designing their own vertically integrated production facility in Wisconsin where all BATCH operations still take place today.

What makes BATCH unique is the same thing that made Wisconsin Hemp Scientific stand out: in-house extracting and novel product formulations from only the highest quality, locally grown hemp. After an abundance of stellar feedback, BATCH leveraged their creativity and knack for engineering to launch a line of CBD products you won’t find anywhere else in the industry.

Cannabis “Grad School”

The new lineup starts with effect-based twists on the popular ORIGINAL tincture blend: CALM, DREAM, SOOTHE, and CLARITY join the classic formula. Powered by varieties of BATCH’s house-made extracts, each blend is enhanced with a unique terpene blend.

Mistrioty, Lynch, and Gould fostered their entrepreneurial spirit while roommates at UW-Madison. The 2018 Farm Bill, which cleared the way for legal hemp cultivation, passed right around the trio’s graduation. Their business partnership came just as naturally as their friendship.

Samples of cbd

Posted by Jennifer Lorenz on Jun 9th 2021

This came with soooo many different things- gummies, tinctures, roll ons, etc. I have only tried the gummies so far, which come two in a resealable bag. They tasted super good and definitely worked.

Posted by Leah on Jun 14th 2021

I am blown away with the amount of products in this sample box! I counted over 13 packs of gummies and capsules (which have 2 in each pack) 3 roll-ons, and 2 tinctures. The gummies taste amazing. I have had other CBD that tastes so bad I did not want to take it. I will definitely be purchasing more Forth CBD.

Forth CBD Sample Bundle

Maximum of 1 Sample Bundle per household. If you place more than one order to be shipped to the same address, only the first Sample Bundle will be fulfilled.

Posted by Di on Jun 12th 2021

I loved the samples. They worked great. Thank you for them!

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