rip and sip cbd

Rip and sip cbd

After the federal Farm Bill of 2018 passed, CBD products quickly hit the store shelves across the country and are now readily available online. The federal legalization of CBD products is life-changing for many, and might be a game-changer for everyone!

What is CBD?

According to the Journal of the Association of Basic Medical Sciences, breast cancer patients who use CBD has seen a reduction in cancer cell growth.

Helps Fight Cancer

If you’re wondering what CBD product is best for you, it all depends on your preference. Over the past year, I’ve been using Rip N Sip liquid on a daily basis in my coffee, water, and cocktails. It mixes perfectly and I’ve noticed some incredible changes in the way I feel. It has reduced the inflammation in my knees and I’m finally sleeping better.

Rip and sip cbd

Pascal Gressier – October 14, 2020

Convenient, very effective and without the taste you usually expect from CBD that is supposed to be good for you. I like the fast results I get and the calmness I feel everytime, within minutes. By far one of the best CBD, if not the best, in Orange County.

ALL Natural

RIP N SIP hit the nail on the head with this product. I have recommended it to a few people out of a place of pure enjoyment of the product and would strongly encourage you to try it for yourself.

Love it! Added this to coffee and this helps the jet lag and tiredness!


So easy, so portable, I love it! I have some family members who use cbd for their primary source of anxiety and/or pain relief and they loved the sample. Said that the effects were the same as the drop they take but more portable. I would definitely recommend this product.