redwood reserve cbd review

Redwood reserve cbd review

The cigarettes burned smoothly and evenly without excessive smoke or odor. Yes, there was the smell of hemp, but not an overpowering fragrance like you might find with real Kush.

Summary: I’m keeping the summary short today as I’m packing up the balance of this pack to head out of town. Usually I just muddle by without my much appreciated hemp flower relief when I leave, because I don’t want it packed directly into my vehicle or my luggage. This pack of smokes is going along (thank god). I am looking forward to a step outside for a relaxing smoke. I will not be smoking while driving. I have a bit of a lead foot, and though I haven’t been pulled over in years, why risk it. Here, a pack of smokes (I don’t smoke tobacco though family members do) costs about $10 per pack. The current price for these cbd cigarettes is $16 with no discounts or coupons which I think is a bargain. If you don’t want to haul a vaporizer around, these are a great stealth way to bring your smoke with you. Dispose of your butts wisely in the proper container, just like a tobacco cigarette and enjoy.

I’ve tried Plain Janes and was disappointed. Dry, a harsh smoke, and not much effect. Not the case here. With a blend of 3 of their hemp flowers, they had the effect and taste I was looking for, in a super convenient form.

Cutting open 3 random cigarettes, I found the hemp to be compact with enough moisture to hold together without being too dank. A total of 6 seeds. All in the same cigarette. The quality of the hemp in all 3 cigarettes was similar, though slightly drier, than the Wild Bourbon and California Dreaming I purchased. As these cigarettes are a blend of 3 strains, and need to be wrapped in paper, they’ve found a good balance based on this pack. I then took the hemp from the opened cigarettes and smoked it after my 3 days of ‘review work’ on it. It definitely did not go to waste, and certainly smoked very nicely in my bowl.

I found these to be relaxing. No couch lock or sleepy time urges, just a nice relaxing let down. Could be a nice break during the day, or winding down at night.

The packaging is attractive, odorless, and if you aren’t looking for differences, nobody would guess these are cbd and not tobacco cigarettes. Good for being stealth.

So, by now you know the drill on my reviews. I smoke 3 different days, 3 different times, and usually 3 different buds, though in this case, 3 different cigarettes. That gives a more accurate review in my opinion. For this review, I also opened 3 cigarettes to see what was inside. Results below:

Redwood reserve cbd review

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