reboot cbd

Reboot cbd

Their CBD shop carries all things from CBD, hemp flowers, the new Delta 8, vapes, topicals, and so much more. After a lot of research and realizing very few products existed in the market, the CBD sisters created their own line to deliver a high-caliber product.

Restart CBD, located at 2521 Rutland Drive, #150A, celebrated its three-year anniversary with a ribbon-cutting on August 20. Restart started in 2018 and has been a chamber member since 2019.

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“We launched RESTART CBD three years ago because I found relief with CBD after recovering from a personal auto-pedestrian accident. And as born and raised Austinites, it’s been our dream to grow our own brand in our hometown, but little did we know it would be in cannabis. In these short but impactful years, we’ve helped thousands of customers on their canna curiosity journeys, which has led us to recently being named the number one CBD brand in Central Texas. We are proud to represent Austin in this industry, and help impact peoples lives through cannabis education and destigmatization.” – Co-Founder Shayda Torabi

For more information about Restart CBD, visit their retail space and learn more on their website.

Posted on 08/26/2021 by Shelby Lewandoski

Reboot cbd

Bringing that expertise directly to the customer is Nika Torabi’s job as the store’s professional interpener (a position widely described as a “cannabis sommelier”). Nika picks up on consumer requests, making sure Restart stays ready as trends change.

Sydney Torabi, a former college athlete, represents a very health-conscious user, guiding the sisters in choosing products based on ingredients and dosage. Her nutrition degree and background as a personal trainer reinforce the brand’s commitment to simplicity.

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In June, plans in Texas to ban Delta-8 THC, a less potent chemical derived from hemp, fell through, and it remains legal.

According to Shayda, Austin’s unique position on the de facto legality of cannabis is simply that Travis County District Attorney José Garza does not wish to prosecute on minor possession charges. In turn, the Austin City Council declared to the Austin Police Department that its funding was contingent on easing up on this. The APD cemented this decriminalization in a memo in 2020. Small moves like this in progressive cities, Shayda hopes, will demonstrate to lawmakers that restrictions can be loosened with positive results.

Similarly, Restart customers find relief for pain, anxiety, and poor sleep, among many other more individual needs. The store’s website guides their experience with extensive resources, references, and testimonials.