private label cbd water

Private label cbd water

LaurelCrest operates with a global footprint via its partnership with Pharma Hemp, one of the most successful Hemp businesses in Europe.

Laurelcrest operates as a full service solutions provider offering custom formulation development and manufacturing services for a variety of product categories.

We know you have many options when it comes to private labeling CBD products. LaurelCrest set out to build a better bulk hemp ingredients supply chain and we accomplished our goal through strategic investments, partnerships, and contracts; providing our customers with the highest quality hemp ingredient solutions on the market today.

Global CBD Distribution

We offer our entire catalog for private label, including CBD tinctures, skincare products and oils.

Our private label CBD products require a minimum order quantity. Please contact us to learn more.

Private Label Product Manufacturing

Contrary to the other options available on the market, our water soluble CBD solution is produced without the use nano-technology, meaning that it is 100% safe and binds to water without making it cloudy or milky.

2671 mg/mL blend of minerals and CBD complex – the unique composition of our water protects the product from the competition in international markets. Our water is crystal clear, contains no residuals. Made possible with Biota WS Complex – proprietary water soluble cannabidiol (CBD) technology. Consuming CBD has never been more convenient. You can choose between still and carbonated options, as well as numerous optional flavors such as lime, mint, raspberry, orange, apple and more!

BIOTA CBD Mineral water is avai worldwide. Contact us for more information.

Safe – our CBD Complex is made without the use of nano-technology.

Application Range – BIOTA Water Soluble CBD Complex can be used in a wide range of applications.

There are many claimed water soluble CBD extracts on the market. Here's what separates BIOTA from the alternatives:

Organic – our complex is made with all-natural ingredients.

Start your own line of CBD Drinks

By using our proprietary BIOTA Water Soluble CBD Complex ingredient, we are able to infuse any beverage, such as water, coffee, energy drink, juice with CBD. CBD Infused beverage industry is shaping up to be the next big step for the CBD industry and potentially the future standard ingredient of all beverages. With our technology, it is now possible to make a CBD infused beverage that provides instantaneous benefits without altering the flavor, aroma, or consistency of any liquid. Our THC-free solution does not cause any psychoactive effects while fueling the human endocannabinoid system with cannabidiol.

Easy to Use – our proprietary water-soluble complex dissolves immediately in any liquid.

Affordable – infusing a drink with CBD starts at We work with major bottling plants across in USA and Europe and produce various types of CBD Infused beverages. We provide a turnkey service to launch your own branded CBD beverage. Contact us to learn more . .15 / unit.

Advantages of BIOTA Proprietary Water Soluble Complex

Contact us today to find out more about our technology, applications, and pricing.