prima cbd oil

Prima cbd oil

Pragmatically, however, it does not.

CBD’s Clean Beauty Problem

Because Prima is the first CBD skincare brand to be EWG Verified, the nonprofit was tasked with gathering and analyzing all the available research on the recently popularized ingredient. “As with all new ingredients, EWG conducted a thorough review to determine if this ingredient has been flagged as being linked to adverse health or environmental impacts in the scientific literature or by any national and international authoritative bodies,” Nneka Leiba, vice president of Healthy Living Science at EWG, tells BAZAAR.

How Prima Is Redefining Clean CBD

Though cannabidiol—also known as CBD, the buzziest cannabinoid in the beauty business—is derived from plants both leafy and green, that fact often has little bearing on the “clean” factor of a product’s final formulation. Plenty of recent launches boast cannabis sativa on the front of their labels and questionable ingredients on the back: mineral oils, PEGs, undisclosed fragrances, known skin sensitizers, and more. “Because CBD has been positioned almost as a hero ingredient, I do feel like there’s a disconnect between it being one of many botanicals in a product, versus it being the highlighted ingredient in a sea of potentially harmful industrial compounds,” Jessica Assaf, the cofounder and chief education officer of CBD skincare brand Prima, tells

Prima cbd oil

Prima products use broad-spectrum hemp extract — meaning it contains CBD along with all other cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, except for THC — and a lot of the founders' time and resources have been spent locating the best sources of hemp (they landed on a farm in Oregon) and delivery methods and quantities so that customers really feel the benefits. Assaf says that, with CBD at large, the factor that brands aren't taking into consideration enough, and that consumers are largely misinformed about, is bioavailability — or the proportion of the substance that is actually absorbed into the bloodstream, and thus able to have an effect. According to her, with most CBD tinctures — one of the most common delivery methods for the ingredient — we can only absorb around 10% of the cannabinoids present, maximum. 

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Founders Laurel Angelica Myers, Christopher Gavigan and Jessica Assaf. Photo: Courtesy of Prima

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Like The Honest Company, Prima purports to only use "clean, safe, nontoxic" ingredients. Everything is claimed to be gluten-free, cruelty-free, vegan, clinically and dermatologically tested and doctor-formulated. And in the interest of transparency — and also perhaps to reassure those who now associate The Honest Company with false ingredient claims — Prima has made third-party test results for all of its products available to the public. There's even a QR code on the packaging that leads smartphone users to a batch report. "What we say on the label is really what's inside," assures Gavigan.

It did take some convincing, though. "It really required us decoupling marijuana from hemp, because these investors, they didn't know they could even legally invest in such a thing," explains Assaf.

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"We feel the responsibility to set new standards for the industry because there's no regulatory body yet overseeing the safety, the potency, the purity of these products; you're finding that when products are being taken off the shelf for third-party testing, they aren't what they say they are," adds Assaf. "Everything we've done is to be that trusted source." Prima is also registered as a Public Benefit Corporation, which formally institutionalizes the brand's commitment to drive social and environmental impact in addition to profit, and has pending B-Corp status.