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If you’re curious to learn more about if CBD would be helpful in managing certain ailments, reach out to your healthcare provider to talk more about specific dosing and purities, before starting. It can be an expensive venture to start blindly and CBD oil is not covered under most extended medical plans. The use of pain medication is absolutely necessary in some cases, but the overused and overprescribed opioid drugs can have a harmful impact on our bodies and communities.

In this episode, I talk about some current research on CBD and pain.

Chronic pain is very complex and difficult to treat. From a healthcare provider perspective, finding nonaddictive pain relief for our patients can be a challenge. Opioid use in Canada is at an all time high and the rate of overdose is disheartening and tragic. From someone who has benefited from the short term effects of an opioid and felt the longterm negative impacts, I was determined to find an alternative to managing the chronic pain I feel daily in my leg and ankle from a traumatic event in 2017.

Health Topic: CBD and Pain

What is it?: CBD oil (cannabidoil) comes from cannabis and is non-psychoactive. It has been used to treat pain since 2900 B.C. It comes in different forms, and purities. CBD used with small amounts of THC have also been shown to help reduce the pain experience.

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Onebode cbd

I want to share my wellness journey with the world.

In addition to the cannabinoids, cannabis flowers (when made into full-spectrum oil) also contain compounds known as “terpenes,” the same aromatic compounds found in essential oils. Terpenes have a great range of benefits above and beyond the benefits of cannabinoids.

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We utilize an extraction method that gives you the most benefit our planet has to offer. Our proprietary cold-pressed double ethanol-based method uses no heat and no pressure to allow for potent cannabinoid compounds. The resulting quality, full-spectrum taste, and efficacy prove that our extraction method is superior.

Terre L., Louisville, CO

With access to high quality, full-spectrum CBD hemp extracts, I started experimenting with daily supplementation. Before long, I realized CBD was helping me achieve health and homeostasis; aiding me in getting off pharmaceuticals, which I successfully accomplished in June of 2018.

CBD oil offers a myriad of potential benefits. Of these benefits, one of the greatest is its ability to bring balance to our lives, a healthy state in which our body is constantly striving to maintain.