om elixirs cbd review

Om elixirs cbd review

I’m luckily a pretty good sleeper, but when I have a lot on my mind, I’m stressin’ about something, or trying to sleep the night before a trip, I’m happy to have Om Edibles Nighttime Elixir waiting in the wings on my bedside table. It’s yet another beautifully made and award-winning product from Maya Elisabeth, an East Bay–based OG goddess who has brought us fab things like her CBD raw sipping cacao and mineral bath soaks through her company, Om Edibles, which she founded in 2008.

I usually sit in bed, scrolling through Instagram (aren’t we all?) and catch up on a few longer articles until I start feeling the sleepies come on. It can take about half an hour to 45 minutes or so—some may feel slightly sedated sooner, or later. It’s not a tincture that knocks me out at a low dose, but it definitely helps calm the mind and body and encourages you to slip into the land of Zzzzzzz. Sweet dreams.

Visit for more info and this direct link on Sava to purchase the Nighttime Elixir.

Om elixirs cbd review

OM’s Extra Strength 1:1 Elixir is perfect for those on a budget and those that need a larger serving of cannabinoids. Each dropperful is 16.6MG of activated THC and 16.6MG of activated CBD. (500MG THC / 500MG CBD PER 1OZ BOTTLE)

Indulge in the benefits of full spectrum Cannabis with OM’s Extra Strength THC Elixir – a coconut oil tincture perfect for those on a budget who need a larger serving of THC. Each dropperful is 33.3MG of activated THC. (1000MG THC PER 1OZ BOTTLE)

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OM’s Extra Strength Multi-Herb Elixirs Experience the entourage effect of full-spectrum Cannabis and other healing plants with OM’s Extra Strength Multi-Herb Elixirs. Uplift your senses with our Daytime blend of ginger & echinacea.Rest and relax with our Nighttime blend of lavender & chamomile. Pleasant in color, flavor & odor, enjoy plain or added to the beverage of your choice. Each 1ML dropperful is 20MG of THC. (600MG THC / 60MG CBD PER 1OZ BOTTLE)
See OM regular strength Daytime and Nighttime Multi-Herb Elixirs

Indulge in the benefits of full spectrum Cannabis derived CBD with OM’s Extra Strength CBD Elixir – a tincture that is rich in cannabinoids yet light in color and flavor. Each dropperful is 33.3MG of activated CBD and 1.83MG of THC. (1000MG CBD / 55.5MG THC PER 1OZ BOTTLE)

Ingredients: MCT Oil made with Coconut, Cannabis Flowers & Cannabis Extract