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Cannabis Law Practice Co-Chair Michael C. McQueeny recently spoke on CBD regulation in a recent article entitled, “We’re in the midst of a CBD craze. So how do you find the right stuff?” which featured Genova Burns’ client North of Normal’s CBD shop in Lambertville, NJ. The article focuses on the burgeoning CBD market, which continues to grow, and the “never-ending swell of new products” that “can confuse first-time customers who want to try out a trusted and effective product, but become overwhelmed browsing shelf after shelf of tinctures and oils, wondering how they know they’re getting the most for their dollar.”

Mr. McQueeny commented that “The only true regulation we have in the marketplace is the discerning nature of the market participants,” “From a free market model, you would hope that would be successful. The problem is, there’s such a rush on this marketplace.”

Mr. McQueeny went on to say “shops like North of Normal, which focus heavily on hemp and CBD rather than just offering seemingly random products or unrelated services alongside the trendy treatments, that have knowledge and can gain customer trust.”

North of normal cbd

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North of Normal is a new shop in Lambertville, N.J., that focuses entirely on CBD and hemp products, which some believe have health benefits.

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