night cream cbd

CBD is championed for its restorative power and has demonstrated powerful results on all skin types. The results after using EthicaCBD night cream are noticeable right away from the first use. When used alongside our CBD-Infused facial scrub, skin will appear firmer, more supple and more dewy than ever before. Naturally moisture-rich plant extract formulations enhanced with organically-grown CBD promise to nourish, moisturise, soothe and return skin to a healthier and more radiant natural state.

Comfort & Relax

It’s essential to us that we are sustainable and eco-friendly in everything that we do, right down to the product packaging. We hope that by showing you the effort we put into this cause, you’ll see how much we genuinely care about the planet we are so lucky to call home.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Spray

Even if you’re not experiencing dry, ageing skin yet, this nourishing night cream provides a luxurious way to protect delicate skin and increase elasticity. The earlier you address signs of fatigue, the better.

Night cream cbd

Vegan, all natural, cruelty free and made in the UK.

A super skin moisturiser that is well known for calming and soothing properties. OTO’s Aloe extract is infused in Coconut oil which just gives it that extra silky smooth experience when applying to skin.

Delivers 40-60mg of CBD per day, ensuring you’re always ready for daily challenges.


Prevents ageing of the skin, reduces the look of lines and wrinkles and helps keep your skin healthy. Especially beneficial with dry skin, the butter carries antioxidant properties so great for repairing skin.

Apply to freshly cleansed dry skin, as part of your daily bedtime skincare routine. Most effective when used in conjunction with OTO Night Eye Treatment and OTO Night Mask.

Mango Butter

Created to help your skin naturally repair itself while you sleep, OTO CBD Night Face Cream is packed with essential oils such as vitamin E, pomegranate, papaya and yuzu, as well as hyaluronic acid – all designed to support your skin’s hydration, firmness and suppleness. Aloe vera butter is well known for its calming and soothing properties, while coconut oil gives the product a silky-smooth consistency, making it a pleasure to apply. OTO CBD Night Face Cream is also rich in rosehip seed oil for superior rejuvenation.

This product contains 0% THC