netflix cbd documentary

Netflix cbd documentary

Netflix documentaries are much in the limelight in today's time. They are informative and entertaining that can provide you with a lot of consummation as a viewer. From non-readers to non-movie, bugs are getting a lot to learn from it. Due to the various benefits of vaping cbd , people remain curious to know more about it and hence there are multiple documentaries.

1. The Legend of 420

Will it be co-opting entirely by the large businesses, or will it be retaining the integrity as the homegrown industry? All of these questions shall have their answers ready in the documentary. You will also get to see how the growers, experts, politicians, and celebrities shall weigh-in for the future of the cannabis business. It is highly entertaining but more of an informative piece that will load you with the pragmatic history of cannabis back in the times.

The particular documentary film explores all controversies of the use of cannabis and its drastic evolution in mainstream society. From the highly risky narcotic, labeled as a schedule one drug substance since the 1970s to the rush of decriminalizing it nowadays, is portrayed in the documentary. It changed what exactly has evolved and why it has evolved that way. You will also get to see a dim view of what the industry of marijuana shall look like in the next five years.

Netflix cbd documentary

1h 21m | 2017 | 7.2/10 IMDb Rating

1h 27m | 2017 | 6.7/10 IMDb Rating

Former High Times magazine Stoner of the Year, comedian Doug Benson chronicles his life as a habitual marijuana smoker who quits for a month, then smokes non-stop for the next. Less of a mind-bending documentary than a comedy, it also features guest appearances by other comedian celebrities such as Sarah Silverman, Patton Oswalt, and Rob Riggle.

A Life of Its Own: The Truth About Medical Marijuana

1h 19m | 2015 | 6.1/10 IMDb Rating

Produced and directed by award-winning journalist Helen Kapalos, this insightful documentary on medical marijuana is a “journey into the largest human trials in the world.” Taking place in Israel, view scientific analysis on the effects of medical cannabis on medical subjects and some of the most cutting-edge research in the world on the treatments taking place.

The Legend of 420

1h 44min | 2007 | 8.3/10 IMDb Rating

Join rap icon Snoop Dogg as he makes his transformation into Snoop Lion and produces his first reggae album. In this spiritual journey where Snoop immerses himself in Rastafari culture, we hear original insight into the artist’s past career, his loves, losses, and failures. Snoop Dogg ventures to Jamaica to learn about the underbelly of its marijuana culture, the ghetto’s of Trenchtown, and the heartbeat of reggae, only to emerge as Snoop Lion.