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Soothing Sue

Massages are already a relaxing experience, and essential oils most definitely add to it, but the addition of cannabis into the experience takes it to another level. Soothing Sue's is a company focused on creating medicated massage oils that are naturally edible, made from organic pressed virgin coconut oil, and applied topically for fast and effective pain relief. You can rub this on your skin, or you can cook it and eat with it, if that's how you roll. Substitute it for the butter or oil in a recipe and feel the digestive effects of cannabis instead of through your skin. The massage oils come in two varieties, Rub Me Right and Bliss, which can be used as lubricants, and the company offers a lotion in a sandalwood-vanilla scent as well. Bliss is lab-tested by Steep Hill to a consistent 15 milligrams therapeutic THC-A per teaspoon — there is no psychoactive effect from the massage oil, as the THC-A has not been heated and transformed into THC. The mission statement is simple and direct, as the products are designed to “melt away physical and mental stress and promote relaxation.”

Awakened Topicals

Loki Lotion medicinal essential oils; Credit: Courtesy Loki Lotion

De Le Beuh medicated bath bombs; Credit: Couresty De La Beuh

The idea that the plants and process in a cannabis infusion should be clean and pure is popular in the industry, and Awakened Topicals is no different. “We make all of our infusions in-house with only the best sun-grown flowers and herbs free from chemicals and pesticides,” founder Levi Strom says. “We source our extra virgin olive oil that we use as the base oil for all our herbal solar infusions from small, family-owned olive farms in California.” Storm created his company in 2012 after a life-threatening accident that resulted in spinal surgery and required subsequent prescription painkillers, to which he had allergic reactions. A doctor recommended cannabis and, as Strom says, he was “awakened.” His nonpsychoactive balm includes 75mg of a 5:2 THC-to-CBD ratio in the 1-ounce jar, with ingredients including 100 percent extra virgin olive oil; solar infusion of whole-plant cannabis, calendula, myrrh, frankincense and St. John's wort; and essential oils, most of which are certified organic. The balm is recommended for myriad ailments ranging from sore muscles to skin disorders and blemishes.

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Loki Lotion

Named after the wily trickster of Norse mythology, Loki Lotion was created by two L.A. moms “with a passion for healing and personalized care.” Focusing on using high-quality medicine and pure ingredients, these moms put a lot of love into their products. “We do things the old-fashioned way,” co-founder Christina Lake says. “All our products are handmade.” With a repertoire of pain salves like Lotion and Motion (80 mg), an oil called Burn (150 mg), a lip balm naturally flavored with essential oils and honey, an Epsom salt medicated soak, and honey-sugar medicated scrub for all-over body cleansing, these products are great antifungals, offering burn relief and general skin health. Loki's special salve, Ananda (150 mg), is made from a single-strain flower run of the very popular Northern Lights, with medicinal essential oils geared specifically toward helping autoimmune disorders. The founders hope to keep dispensaries in Los Angeles stocked with their handmade products, adding more as production increases.


Formed to ensure that the same relief can be provided in states where THC access is limited, Theramu has the advantage of shipping nationally, as its products contain 100 to 300 mg of CBD with less than 3 percent THC per bottle. “We are deeply committed to providing safe, natural alternatives that improve people’s lives,” CEO Gary Lowe says. “All our products are crafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality and consistency to relieve, soothe and calm pain and discomfort almost immediately.” Theramu is an all-natural proprietary compound, which allows the special sauce, emu oil, to deliver CBD precisely to the source of pain and inflammation anywhere on the human body. One of its topicals is made with 5 percent menthol for an extra tingle during application, along with its proprietary blend of essential oils. Theramu also has created an elixir for ingesting the medicine the fastest way possible: sublingually. The competition in the world of topicals is fierce, but Lowe’s belief in his product is just as strong. “By utilizing high-CBD cannabis extracts and the only patent-pending delivery system, we are finally realizing the true healing power of cannabis,” he says.

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Mrs excellence cbd balm

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Great tasting, easy to dose, lasting effects. CBD edibles are a great way to get the long lasting relief CBD offers in a variety of flavors


The medical benefits Cannabidiol provide, found in CBD Products and Hemp Oil products, is extraordinary.

Mrs. Excellence sources only the most pure of ingredients in all of her products. Being a healing salve, numerous ailments are soothed by this balm. This includes, but is not limited to:


“My Chihuahua suffers from seizures and over the past few months they’ve gotten progressively worse. I decided to try CBD dog treats and since he’s been taking them his seizures have happened a lot less frequently. I’ve even noticed a change in his behavior. He’s a happy dog again. I’m excited to see his progress as time goes on. I definitely recommend them to all dog owners.”