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My name is Aaron Armstrong and I have recently opened the Business Mr Hemp with the sole goal of changing the world!! Yep big call but here at Mr Hemp we are so passionate about the hemp plant and all its amazing benefits from clothing to housing to food. We honestly believe the hemp plant can help solve some of the world’s problems. The more we all support the Australian hemp industry the greater chance we have of investing money into new processing techniques and new ways to grow the industry.

Here at Mr hemp we are excited to offer a truly Australian grown and Australian owned product. From the farm to your tastebuds you will be left feeling amazing knowing that the product you are purchasing is super healthy, good for the environment and offer you complete transparency and honesty with in a flooded market.

About Tasmanian Hemp

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What a pleasure it is to introduce myself to you all.

Why Tasmanian Hemp Seeds?

Whether it be Hulled Hemp Seed, oil, protein powder or flour, you can be sure, both purchase and consumption is not just about flying the flag. Many tell us to buy Australian grown! So it should be, but only if it the best!

As nutritious as Hemp Seed foods are, they must be fresh. The shelf like is 12 months and must be kept in climate controlled conditions, preferably in a refrigerator after opening. Any longer than 12 months, one has to be concerned. Have they been radiated or placed in an oven and micro-waved? Long shelf life is a red flag, particularly on Hemp Foods.

Arguably on imported foods, it is the great unknown. Yes, there are companies in China, Canada and in Europe who act with integrity and transparent with their labelling. But do all? Absolutely not!

The new Australian labelling laws may weed some out, but why risk it?

If the product is genuinely Certified Organic, or chemical, insecticide and pesticide residue free and have independent lab results to back it up, Australian grown, fresh and sensibly priced, why wouldn’t you buy?
Within Australia, Tasmania leads the way on Hemp Seed production. The Tasmanian’s had the jump on the mainlanders. The government there was and continues to be supportive of the industry and now reaping the benefits.

Hulled Hemp Seeds Flow

The raw seeds originate from a Hemp Seed Grower Cooperative in Tasmania, Australia, transported using refrigerated containers to Hemp Hulling Co (QLD) facility located in Coolum Beach, Queensland. There, they are graded & hulled (removing the outer crunchy shell from the inner seed) which then flow through a series of aspirators (separating the seed from its shell) and proprietary machinery. The results are just fantastic! Super clean, fresh and truly Australian Grown and processed Hulled Hemp Seeds!

The facility is Certified Organic, Food and HACCP grade and climate controlled:

This argument has sparked some lawsuits and some companies such as Mr. Hemp Flower continue to sell products like delta-8-THC vapes, hemp flower that is sprayed with delta-8-THC, concentrated delta-8-THC has, and delta-8-THC gummies. The USDA did not intend in any way to legalize delta-8-THC when legalizing hemp and delta-8-THC is a listed controlled substance as of August 2020. Hemp does not naturally produce enough delta-8-THC to get someone high and not enough to even be extracted in sizable amounts. All delta-8-THC on the CBD market is considered to be synthetic and illegal so we strongly recommend against purchasing these products.

Again, the one thing that is concerning is that the company seems to be encouraging high THC products (like their High THC Bundle) and delta-8-THC products that do get people high. This is tough to see because for consumers it may seem like they found a loophole to marijuana prohibition, but to CBD industry veterans that have fought hard to legitimize hemp and CBD it feels like a slap in the face. Hemp and CBD is not intended to get people high and truly, it is a big risk to consumers to sell intoxicating and unregulated products over the internet.

What is Delta-8-THC and is it Legal?

Mr. Hemp Flower is a newcomer to the CBD market that has been marketing hard to achieve high visibility. Like Plain Jane, they offer a wide variety of products such as CBD hemp flower, CBD concentrates, hemp cigarettes, and CBD oils. One product you will find with Mr. Hemp Flower that is not sold by Plain Jane is their delta-8-THC products. Though they are based in North Carolina, Mr. Hemp Flower sources their hemp from US farmers in Oregon, Washington, and Colorado.

With competitive pricing and a 15% discount pop-up, you can definitely get some good deals with Mr. Hemp Flower. They have a great selection of hemp flower in strains like Blueberry Pie, Cherry Creme Brulee, and Gelato CBD. They also have a wide selection of CBD gummies and offer product bundles so you can try a variety of product.

Should I Buy Mr. Hemp Flower Products?

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