money changer perth cbd

Money changer perth cbd

Check this page regularly for updates for when travel money stores open again.

Coronavirus Update: Many currency exchange stores such as Travel Money Oz and Unimoni have temporarily closed their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you want to exchange money in they Perth CBD, there is a good chance that all your options will be closed.

Where to exchange money in Perth

There is no money changer that is a clear winner for having the best exchange rate on every currency and amount. We found a variety of fees ranging from a small percentage to a fixed rate. So make yourself aware of these when choosing a provider.

There are so many options for you when you need to buy travel money in the Perth CBD. We at The Currency Shop, have created this CBD guide so that we can do the heavy lifting and you can focus on everything else.

We also found that different providers exceeded with different currencies. Major currencies can generally be found in the CBD. These include US dollars, Euros or Japanese Yen. For some currencies, ordering online can still return a better deal. Especially if there isn’t stock in the CBD. Your own research is pivotal.

Money changer perth cbd

So which is the best place to buy foreign exchange in Perth?

Opening Hours

If you’d prefer to head into the CBD or deal with a big brand, then RedRate isn’t for you. Their online exchange rates aren’t competitive and while they aren’t as well known as Travelex or Travel Money Oz, their service is good.

When you should avoid them

Online. Available throughout Australia, including Perth