mixing cbd distillate with mct oil

So I guess what I really need to know is which MCT (8, 10, or 12) is most likely to be processed by the liver?

I came upon a few grams of decarbed distillate, I want to infuse it into MCT oil (think liquid coconut oil) for encapsulating or use with a blunt syringe to measure exact ml.

Do I need heat, or would I be able to just blend it with lecithin and the distillate to get the same effect?

Now it’s just a matter of determining:


Sorry for threadjacking but I’m new to using MCT oil and have only found a few threads mentioning it here so far. Those seem to be about dissolving concentrate into MCT oil.

I think I’ll ease into this transition from using coconut oil to using c8 + c10 specific MCT oil 100% derived from coconuts. First I’ll try using an MCT oil 100% produced from coconut oil that is a combo of C8, C10, and C12. I’d like to compare that to my usual 100% coconut oil baseline. I’m going to try this one.

Choosing between options like 100% C6, 100% C8, 100% C10, 100% C12, or a mixed MCT. If mixed, it’s a matter of deciding if the shorter C’s should be favored over the longer C’s (and if Lauric Acid, C12 should be avoided completely).

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That leads to the next question though. Choosing the best type of 100% Coconut oil based MCT oil.

2. Will this MCT oil work better for oral ingestion than standard coconut oil?

Mixing cbd distillate with mct oil

I tried 5ml of oil mixed in to a drink of about 250ml. Regardless of any separation of the oil in the drink, I infested it all and should have felt something with an hour but didn’t really get any sensation at all.

I am trying to dissolve 96% distillate in to MCT oil, however I’m not getting the desired effect. I’m not sure if mixture calculation correct or if my method is correct.

The calculator I used output that I should get 15mg thc per teaspoon (5ml).

First attempt: I double boiled water and then placed the MCT oil(1cup) in a Pyrex mixing cup and slowly heated it the oil to about 140F. I then slowly mixed in 1g of 96% THC distillate and stirred intermittently for about 1hr.

Second attempt: I reheated the oil from the previous day and mixed in another 1g of 96% distillate. Which by rights should double my mixture and give me roughly 30mg of THC per teaspoon. Once again I barely got any sensation.