metacam cbd

There are almost no side-effects, apart from those coming from a low-quality CBD oil that may contain contaminants. It’s always best to look out for the compromised quality of some CBD oils.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

A 2017 study by Dr. K Jadoon on CBD and its effects on blood pressure demonstrated the following:

Blood Pressure and CBD Oil

High doses of CBD oil may potentially drop blood pressure resulting in lightheadedness and possibly dizziness in people. It’s always best to consult with your veterinarian for the best advice prior to purchasing a CBD product. That said, the positive side of CBD oil use is that it may be good for patients with high blood pressure. CBD together with regular exercise and a healthy diet help to regulate hypertension.

Both dogs, 10#/15yr & 50#/16yr went off Metacam and onto hemp oil (organic, for dogs, sold at pet store) as of January 1st.

As I learned with my dog who had osteosarcoma there can be quite a difference in CBD oils and the 300 mg from the pet store offered some relief but it also depended on which brand but to get good relief I went to 600MG by King Kalm that I got on line and this was before I knew he had cancer when he had what we thought was a neck injury. When I learned he had osteosarcoma about 4 months after the " neck injury" I switched to medical marijuana using 3 different tinctures during the day as some strains perk you up so you use them in the AM and others make you sleepy so you use them in the PM and he also got FECO at night ( full extract cannabis oil which is very strong). I did it with the help of a medical marijuana doser not by myself. It kept his pain under wonderful control so he was able to live out the remaining months in comfort . Osteosarcoma is extremely painful, yet he showed no signs of being in pain, my vet even did an exam and remarked how he appeared to be in no pain as things like respiration and heart rate go up with pain and his were both showing a very relaxed dog.

Big dog went down significantly. Little dog not as bad. Big dog has been back on metacam now for a few weeks. Much better.