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The therapeutic potential of cannabinoids is constantly evolving in tandem with the study of diseases. Interest in innovative and natural solutions is growing daily among broad segments of the public. For example, since CBD causes no relevant side effects even when administered in high doses, it is equally favoured by researchers, doctors and patients.

Many sufferers report a reduction in disruptive tics, which substantially relieves their discomfort.

Individual components of the medicinal plant Cannabis sativa are also effective in treating glaucoma by stabilising intraocular pressure and reducing it to normal levels. In this disease, the optic nerve is gradually destroyed, although this effect does not occur uniformly in all patients.

Current basic research suggests therapeutic potential for treating a variety of diseases, for example schizophrenia, epilepsy, and certain skin diseases.

As suppliers of natural components for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, we consider it very important to offer products for a variety of applications.

We guarantee the highest quality raw materials. Our production processes are unaggressive, environmentally sustainable and cost-effective.

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The experts at Medropharm work extremely conscientiously, and not just in the manufacturing phase. Already in the research phase, the company invests a lot of time and effort in order to examine the natural medicinal plant Cannabis sativa in detail and to prepare it for various industries.

It is precisely in this field – the production, manufacturing and marketing of cannabinoids and products containing cannabinoids of the best pharmaceutical quality, which in turn actively contribute to the preservation of the quality of life and health – that the Swiss company Medropharm has made a name for itself. When you buy Medropharm products at Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, you get the best quality products.

In our online shop you can order hemp balm, for example, which contains essential oils, the antioxidant CBD, as well as hemp seed oil with valuable amino and unsaturated fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6). This interaction ensures that your skin can revitalize quickly and it is protected from drying out. The offered oils and tinctures with ethanolic extracts dissolved and purified in sesame oil make a valuable contribution to your health as nutritional supplements.

order Medropharm products and receive natural products

Cannabis is a natural product, the mention of which unfortunately still makes many people think of it as a drug. But hemp has been cultivated and used for centuries for the production of clothing, ropes and many other things, and among other things also for products from the medical sector.

All products are of course scientifically well researched and can be used completely without hesitation.

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