medical cbd oil colorado

Medical cbd oil colorado

Some of those fears remain, Truman Bradley, executive director of the Marijuana Industry Group, said at a hearing earlier this month when the rules were being finalized.

Of particular concern to the legislature are products such as wax and shatter that, unlike traditional marijuana flower, are concentrated products made in labs containing much higher percentages of THC — the main psychoactive compound in cannabis — than even the most potent flower.

An educational resource in the form of an 8×11 paper pamphlet must be provided to customers (medical and recreational) at the point of sale of a concentrate. This pamphlet will include a black dot, smaller than a fingernail, displaying the state’s recommended serving size for concentrates. It will also feature advice on how to safely consume and a list of negative conditions the state declares can result from the use of marijuana concentrate, including psychotic symptoms, “uncontrolled and repetitive vomiting” and “physical and psychological dependence.” The pamphlet will list numbers to various hotlines for people experiencing any of those problems.


“The prime thing is to reduce the access for teenagers,” Democratic Rep. Yadira Caraveo of Thornton, who sponsored the bill along with Garnett, said in June as the governor signed it into law.

The purchase age for recreational products remains 21, whereas people over 18 can seek medical cards. The lower age for medical patients, combined with the (previously) much higher daily concentrate purchase limits for that group, is a big reason the legislature was so focused on the medical side of the industry.

Dispensaries must enforce the daily purchase limits by inputting patient ID numbers found on medical marijuana cards. Stores are to refuse sale to anyone who seeks to exceed their purchase limit. All data collected must be kept confidential.

New rules for buyers and sellers were announced this week

Ferrandino was not available Thursday to discuss the new rules, a spokeswoman said.

The state will limit the daily purchase to two ounces of flower and eight grams of concentrate such as wax and shatter for medical marijuana patients. The concentrate limit goes down to two grams per day for medical patients between the ages of 18 and 20. The previous daily concentrate purchase limit for medical patients was 40 grams.

Medical cbd oil colorado

Serrit is organizing a protest of the new law noon Monday at the Capitol, where a group will dress for a funeral and lay fake gravestones in front of the governor’s office.

They object to many aspects of the law, including the serving-size requirement, which is paired in the law with a mandate that recreational and medical marijuana shops give consumers a “tangible educational resource” at the point of sale so they are more informed on responsible use and potential harms.

Dawn Reinfeld, a work group member from Boulder who helped agitate for the new law, alleged at the group’s first meeting that the industry’s preferred level of flexibility on things like hardship definition and consumer education would violate the law’s spirit.

Purchase limits

For cannabis consumers, especially those under the age of 21, this law will bring new purchase limits, strengthened tracking and enforcement of purchases, and new standards for doctor-patient relationships.

Ferrandino is being advised by an advisory group with a few dozen people — mostly representing the cannabis industry — who are now taking a couple months to brainstorm on Zoom. Defining hardship has already proved controversial.

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The law provides an exemption to the new daily purchase limit for people who can demonstrate physical or geographic hardship, those who obtained their medical cards before the age of 18 and those whose doctors recommend high dosage. There’s a lot of room for interpretation, because the law left the definition of hardship up to the rulemaking process.

A key provision of the law states that medical marijuana patients can purchase up to eight grams per day of cannabis concentrate — only two grams a day for patients ages 18-20 — which is commonly vaporized but can be consumed in other ways, too. The previous limit was 40 grams.