massage in cbd singapore

Massage in cbd singapore

It also results in softer more elastic skin and a healthy glow. All three massages are available at $101.65 for 1 hour.

Massage Master in Bedok charges $60 ($55 for members) for a 60-minute Complete Body Massage, giving a chance for all your areas of concern to be worked over. They also offer a membership scheme at $10 per year which unlocks lower prices. Members also earn points at 1 point per $1 spent, which can be redeemed for vouchers or massage sessions.

Han Dynasty Spa offers two types of 60-minute body massages – Oriental Body Massage at $55 and Thai Body Massage at $65. Ladies might wanna check out Tuesday Ladies-only special, during which you can get a 60-minute full body massage at just $45. Do read the terms and conditions before booking.

HealSpa is another option that’s good for both body and wallet. Choose either a Swedish massage (said to be good for relieving tension and improving blood flow) or a Shiatsu massage (for eliminating muscle soreness and stiffness). Either massage will cost you $66.34 for 1 hour.

Ikeda Spa is probably known for being the next best thing to actually taking a flight to Japan and dipping yourself in an onsen.

If you’re in the mood for luxurious pampering, the following massage locations promise not just a session, but an experience with qualified certified therapists in plush environments.

Healing Touch offers two additional therapies that are priced slightly higher.

Life in Singapore can be so hectic that a 60-minute massage is an ideal way to just unplug from it all, and give yourself time to rest and reflect.

Massage in cbd singapore

Desk-bound workaholics with stiff necks, shoulders and backs may want to splash out for the 90-minute Deep Tissue massage. The therapist uses strong Chinese tuina-style massage strokes to work the deeper muscle layers and trigger points. Yes, you should expect a certain amount of discomfort during the massage, but there’s nothing quite like the immediate relief that you will feel. Of course, you can always ask the therapist to reduce the pressure if necessary. After the treatment, you are led to one of two private relaxation rooms where you can sit back in a reclining lounger and soak in healing sound vibrations for a complete restoration of mind and body. Bliss!

Westin Singapore's Heavenly Spa Whirlpool. (Photo: Westin)

Westin Singapore's Heavenly Spa Couple Room. (Photo: Westin)

With these indulgent spas located just a short stroll away from most office buildings in the city centre, there’s no excuse why you shouldn’t escape for some self care once in a while.

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A Treatment Room. (Photo: Six Senses)

The spa offers Singapore-exclusive treatments such as the 2h15min-long Locally-Inspired Wellness Retreat, which includes a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) consultation, warm amethyst crystal massage, body scrub and massage.

A Treatment Room. (Photo: Westin)

Karen Tee

The flagship outlet of homegrown beauty salon Porcelain Signatures. (Photo: Porcelain Signatures)

Six Senses Maxwell has just launched Spa Pods, the brand’s first foray into offering a spa within its urban hotels. While the five treatment rooms are smaller compared to those that pampered jetsetters are used to (hence its moniker), the top-notch service, excellent therapists and all-encompassing treatments remain exactly the same.