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It is definitely an iconic pairing that has probably been utilized since the inception of surfing. From what we’ve seen, CBD has found itself right at home in many surfers’ daily routine — from topical serums to CBD-infused cold brew!

Robert is a graphic designer by trade, which is a big part of his role here at Mary Joe. I was producing music and doing the DJ thing for many years. We both felt a calling to channel our creative energies into a fresh platform.

We are very inspired by the natural world. Our ethos is to promote balanced living between humans and nature. As a species, we are in dire need of a refined approach to living!

Stress free productivity!

It is not uncommon to see a relationship between surf and cannabis. How has introducing CBD into the surf community been accepted?

For those looking for all the health benefits of CBD and a morning or afternoon pick-me-up, meet Mary Joe. Founded by southern California surfer duo Ryan Rankin and Robert Guy, this CBD coffee brand can easily be integrated into any lifestyle, whether you’re surfing all day, or need a buzz of energy during work. Civilized caught up with Rankin to chat about the health benefits of CBD infused cold brew, what keeps him and Guy inspired, and if you can actually catch more barrels after a bottle of Mary Joe.

Anyone who utilizes coffee knows how much it can aid in boosting energy and helping push through the task at hand. The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabidiol (CBD) are a big bonus, aiding in post workout recovery.

Mary Joe is a response to a void we saw in the world. It’s a fresh approach to hemp and its many sustainable applications. We found CBD and coffee to have a very symbiotic effect when combined — a pleasant balance. Relaxation meets stimulation.

How do CBD and coffee compliment each other when consumed together?

This is pretty much impossible to answer as everyone’s experience will vary depending on their unique biology. That said, many find 15 milligrams to be an effective dose for a single serving application.

It seems like a lot of people find this space daunting as there are so many people or companies ​ “ jumping on the bandwagon,” so to speak. The reality is, the surface has barely been scratched as to what can really be done in this realm. Creativity and a fresh perspective are key.

Mary joe cbd coffee

Now you can simply knock back one of these cold brews for the same effect.

One particularly popular new trend is CBD-infused coffee — and for good reason. CBD not only helps counteract anxiety and related side effects of caffeine, it may also enhance its health benefits.

Mary Joe sources their hemp extract from a company called Folium Biosciences. This is a well-known contract manufacturer in the CBD space. They offer third-party test results for each batch — all of which pass without a snag.

Mary Joe CBD Cold Brew
CBD Cold Brew Octopack

The primary goal of this product is to help counter caffeine’s side effects and give people a convenient way of introducing CBD into their lives — not to treat or prevent any medical conditions.

Mary Joe is a company based in southern California. Founded in 2017 by avid surfers and cannabis enthusiasts Ryan Rankin and Robert Guy, Mary Joe has carved out a unique place in the CBD industry by focusing solely on their innovative product — CBD coffee.

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Mary Joe does give you the option of ordering either 4 bottles at a time, or a larger 8-pack.

This cold brew CBD coffee contains 15 mg of CBD mixed with filtered water and organic coffee beans. It comes in 207 mL (7 fl oz) bottles and is sold in packs of 4 or 8.