lyft products cbd

Lyft products cbd

So I bought this CBD Vape Liquid from a headshop near me and its from a brand called Lyft. I called their support and asked the makeup of their CBD and they said it is full spectrum but has no THC. They also sent me a lab report but it said the customer was "Stash CBD" but it did show no THC.

Edit: I’m most concerned about the thc drug test I have coming up. I probably won’t buy lyft products again because of the synthetic scare. Has anyone failed a drug test using Stash CBD or Lyft products?

Has anyone had experience with this brand or know if its reputable? I was focused on the no THC part because I have a drug test coming up, and needed some CBD juice so I went with this one since its the only one they sold.

Lyft products cbd

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