love hemp cbd review

Love hemp cbd review

Love Hemp use CBD in the form of a broad-spectrum (THC free) extract that’s been grown and extracted by organically certified US grower Folium Biosciences. When they’ve completed the final product, it’s analysed for quality and safety in-house and then again by a third-party lab.

The amount of CBD shown is tricky to convert into mg per capsule or bottle, but it verifies the 600mg on the label. The analysis didn’t detect any THC, although it still could be present as an undetectable trace.

3rd Party Lab Tests

The capsules are small and about 1.5cm long, which makes them particularly easy to swallow with a sip of water. They’re quite tough and contain powder, so it’s not possible to bite them open for improved absorption under your tongue.


The plastic bottle that the capsules come in is lightweight and ideal for carrying in a pocket or bag. The lid tightens securely but doesn’t have a child-safe cap.

Love hemp cbd review

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Who are Love Hemp?

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the flavour of this oil as much as I did. It’s mild and buttery with a hint of hemp and spiciness that’s not overpowering. If you hold it under your tongue and swallow after 60 seconds, you’ll likely not taste anything at all. It’s not quite got the pleasant flavour of Bud and Tender’s excellent oil, but it’s still ideal if you don’t like the intense bitterness of hemp.

Love Hemp Value for Money

Love Hemp describe themselves as ‘the UK’s leading supplier of CBD products’. It’s a bold claim but one that may well be true. They’ve been at the forefront of the industry since they started in 2015 and still produce an impressive range of oils, edibles and cosmetics.