lazarus naturals cbd balm reddit

Lazarus naturals cbd balm reddit

kosher ethanol extraction

I use their balm – a whole lot of it and their massage oil. Both products contain full spectrum CBD. I find relief within 15-20 minutes (even with deep knee arthritis pain & inflammation). My daughter finds relief in 5 minutes or less.

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Im wondering if you guys wouldnt mind some recommendations for the better places to get topical treatments for her would be? Right now shes talking about ordering stuff off amazon which ive heard is either bad quality or just unsafe generally.

Any help would be much appreciated! thanks so much!

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Otherwise, I'd look at Lazarus Naturals (all their products are top quality) or Apical Greens (one of the cheapest in price I've seen – especially so with the coupon)

Lazarus naturals cbd balm reddit

Hey everyone, first post here. Let me start with some background as to why I decided to try CBD. I am 20 years old and up until last weekend I have been a daily smoker of THC for over 2 years. I took breaks here and there but now my spending and usage has gotten a little out of control and I decided it was time to look into some different cannabinoids that aren’t as debilitating. I also have bad insomnia and my anxiety has been ramping up. I browsed vetted vendors on here and landed on Lazarus Naturals to try. I saw lots of positive reviews and the YouTube video talking about their mission statement and felt they were the ones to support.

Today, the package arrived. I got unflavored 750mg tincture and dosed about 60mg a half hour ago. I was very excited waiting for this but honestly became a little skeptical as I realized I wouldn’t get high and also have a fat THC tolerance. 15 minutes in and I felt it way more than I thought I would. My back pain faded away and a slight body high crept on. My thoughts slowed and it feels like my head has kind of been wrapped in a blanket. I can see this being huge for my anxiety and sleep. THC was making me more anxious and this seems to be doing the opposite. I’m very hopeful for the future and excited to turn over a new leaf with my cannabis usage. I will always love smoking weed but now I feel like I can realistically moderate my usage. Also have some delta 8 on the way in the name of non-psychoactive usage! Just thought I would share this for anyone in a similar boat as myself. I feel like a lot of my friends see CBD as less than THC when in reality it is a different experience in itself.