jambo superfoods cbd spray

Our philosophy is to design products that are holistically helpful, enjoyable and effective. We NEVER use cheap fillers, harmful artificial ingredients or intentional fraudulent dosing claims.

We have been manufacturing CBD products in our own lab since 2014

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Lab Tested:
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Jambo superfoods cbd spray

I love this peppermint spray!
Perfectly refreshing & cooling.

This product works in a very gentle way which I like
plus the mint is perfect

Ingredients in all flavors

I bought the 500 after trying the 100 and 200mg. This spray is so easy to use and I wanted to try the highest grade. It has changed my mood, muscle soreness and definitely decreased my anxiety. An added benefit seems to be my BP has dropped about 5 mm(systolic).

This lip balm is my new favorite- I keep one in my purse and one in my nightstand. This is one of the very few lip balms that I actually run out of and end up craving more. The texture is perfect, and this keeps my lips super hydrated, soft and smooth. Back here to order a few more- highly recommend!

Directions for use

Jambo has been life changed for my pup Nino and I. SOO much better than phenobarbital that made him gain 10 pounds (he’s a chihuahua), he would throw it up and it would’ve eventually ruined his liver. He doesn’t mind the CBD oil at all (he would hide when he saw me pulling out the phenobarbital). I get the peppermint flavor and his seizures happen less often and are less intense.