jake plummer cbd

Jake plummer cbd

Enter the NFL and the NFL Players Association. 

3. I think pass interference should be a 15-yard penalty, not a spot foul. Underthrown bombs should not be rewarded with 1st-and-goal at the 4-yard line. One referee’s judgment call can swing the momentum and ultimately influence the outcome of games. 

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Happy Fourth of July to you and your family! I’m here to talk football, and to advocate for a responsible pain management solution for football players that has been met with resistance by the NFL establishment. But first, a note about a personal hero of mine who embodied the qualities we celebrate on this holiday. 

8. I think I’d like someone to please tell me why Jerry Kramer is not yet in the Pro Football Hall Of Fame. He was the anchor on one of the most celebrated offensive lines in NFL history. He played 11 seasons for the Packers and was a five-time All-Pro and three-time Pro Bowl selection. He played on five NFL championship teams, two Super Bowl winners and is the only member of the NFL’s 50th anniversary team not in the HOF. Oh yeah, he also kicked field goals and led the league in FG% in 1962. Those credentials make him a worthy HOF selection. If you feel the same, please write to: Pro Football Hall Of Fame, Attn; Senior Selection Committee, 2121 George Halas Dr. NW, Canton, OH 44708. Let’s make sure this classy Idaho Spud gets his bust in Canton.     

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Both the league and the players’ union have taken our calls, but the NFL says it has no right, due to labor laws, to grant access to the players for our study. This sort of access must be granted by the NFLPA. Our last discussion with the NFLPA has led us to believe that they feel there needs to be a healthier alternative form of medicine than opioids, which players can become addicted to. This is a good sign and a move in the right direction.  

Besides removing the chief intoxicant from marijuana, Plummer also believes CBD is a safer alternative to some of the pain medication currently prescribed by NFL teams to ailing players. Plummer said his body had taken far more abuse than the average 31-year-old when he decided to retire following the 2006 season with the Broncos.

Monroe announced a $10,000 donation toward the cause earlier this week on his Twitter account.

“I’m 41 and the Broncos need a new quarterback,” Plummer recently told co-host Zig Fracassi and me on SiriusXM NFL Radio that. “I’m not thinking about it but the thought crossed my mind because my body feels great after playing for 10 years in the league and being retired.

“I owe a lot of that to CBD and what it’s done for me.”

Plummer would welcome the conversation.

For the time being, the NFL and its players union have failed to financially support marijuana-related medical research. Among the reasons are negative stigmas associated with the drug, plus the fact its possession and usage is prohibited under the league’s Collective Bargaining Agreement as well as illegal in most states.

When asked about medical marijuana in early February at Super Bowl 50, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he believes the league’s current drug policy is “in the best interest of our players and the long-term health of our players.”

Plummer and Monroe also are trying to generate funds toward an initiative being sponsored by Realm of Caring, a non-profit advocacy group focused on researching medical purposes for cannabis. “When the Bright Lights Fade” is an attempt to link Realm of Caring with Johns Hopkins University for a study on whether CBD can be used to possibly prevent the degenerative brain disease known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) that the NFL admitted earlier this week is linked directly to concussions.

Plummer said he feels so good after taking prescribed CBD oil for a year that he toyed with the idea of returning to the Denver Broncos almost a decade after his own retirement.