is cbd a controlled substance in canada

The Act and accompanying regulations place strict controls on cannabis:

Although it may not have more than 0.3% THC, there is no limit to the amount of CBD that may be contained in industrial hemp plants.

Growing cannabis plants containing CBD for commercial sale

CBD can be found in different varieties of the cannabis plant, including hemp.

What industrial hemp licence holders may and may not do

It was not legal to produce, sell, import or export CBD unless authorized for medical or scientific purposes.

means the period, commencing on the day on which a cannabis product is packaged for sale to a consumer at the retail level, during which the product, when it is stored under conditions appropriate to that product, will retain, without any appreciable deterioration, normal palatability and any other qualities claimed for it by the holder of a licence for processing that manufactured the product. ( durée de conservation )

(A) that is used to produce the edible cannabis if the use of the substance results, or may reasonably be expected to result, in the substance or its by-products becoming a part of, or affecting the characteristics of, the edible cannabis, or


means the unit of measurement for type size that is known as a PostScript point and is equal to 0.3527777778 mm. ( point )

(c) for which a drug identification number has been assigned under subsection C.01.014.2(1) of the Food and Drug Regulations . ( drogue sur ordonnance )

(i) a substance, other than anything referred to in item 1 or 3 of Schedule 1 to the Act,