instagram ads cbd

This downplays the promotion, yet followers will associate the CBD information with your company, bringing in more organic reach.

Instagram’s policy does not allow paid advertisements for CBD products, but it doesn’t inhibit regular posts that might feature your products. The ice is thin here, as you can still become shadow-banned if you say the wrong thing, but a few well-worded posts can go miles for promoting your products among a targeted audience.

Use Influencers

There are many brands that often endorse cannabis-based products. Do careful research on sites like Quantum Marketer, to find a brand that will gain mutual benefit from doing business with you if you want the best bang for your buck.

Your goal is to post local content, repost content from other local businesses, and boost your online reputation in the CBD industry. Ask questions, run polls, take live videos, and develop a clearly defined personality on your page to get the most comments, likes, and followers from your audience.

Content Syndication

You’ll want a combination of branded and popular hashtags to promote your content. Popular hashtags are already trending, so they come with a large following. You can find trending hashtags with a simple search in Instagram Insights or Google Analytics.

Instagram ads cbd

I hope you now have an answer to your question of can you advertise CBD on Instagram? If not, you should have at least 6 effective ways to market and promote your CBD products using Instagram.

Ultimately, you need to drive the right people to your dispensary website or CBD/cannabis retail store in order to sell them CBD online or in person.

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Lifestyle marketing is one thing when it comes to marketing and advertising CBD on Instagram, but demonstrating how your CBD oils are used by local people, in local areas of your community allows you to establish and maintain the trust needed to gain new customers for your CBD products.

Sales for your CBD products will come down the line as you form more relationships, increase your following, build your reputation and grow your reach on Instagram.

ii. Programmatic Display and/or Video Advertising/Retargeting on Popular Websites:

We speak with many CBD business owners from Europe, Canada, and the United States who always ask “can you advertise CBD oil and other products on Instagram, Facebook, or other social media channel?”

The challenge with advertising or marketing your CBD products on Instagram is to be able to strategically navigate the space between posting consistent unique content on Instagram and not posting this same content on other social platforms.

If you follow these guidelines, we can absolutely help you run experienced and managed “CBD” ads on Facebook & Instagram. Even better, these campaigns can be sustainable and reliable and can run for as long as you’d like to run them.

Can You Advertise CBD on Instagram?

So, if you’re posting content that was shot at another local business or popular local landmark, you’d want to use a geo-location tag for that particular location.

Your options include using hashtags relevant to your specific town or even your entire state or province. Is it better to use a hashtag with just your town’s name, or is there more volume in the town and state/province?

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