inspirit cbd cream

Inspirit’s hemp cream is non-psychoactive and made with a 100 percent organic hemp oil. It is completely free of gluten and GMO products, instead using natural ingredients to provide relief from pain in the tendons, muscles and joints. The product was designed to quickly reach the body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors to be able to provide this natural pain relief efficiently and without any harmful side effects.

Boca Raton, Florida (PRWEB) April 19, 2017

Inspirit Hemp, a company that creates a hemp-based pain-relieving cream for athletes and other fitness enthusiasts, announced its products have debuted on, a popular website for nutritional products.

Inspirit Hemp was founded to help people achieve natural pain relief with the help of a hemp-based cream that does not have the same harmful side effects often found in major competing drugs and creams, particularly opioids. Inspirit’s product is the most potent hemp cream of its kind thanks to a unique liposome formula that dramatically enhances its ability to penetrate the skin.

Inspirit Hemp, a company that creates a hemp-based pain-relieving cream for athletes and other fitness enthusiasts, announced its products have debuted on, a popular website for nutritional products.

“We are thrilled to announce that our Inspirit Hemp cream is now available for purchase on,” said Rod Ensminger, CEO of Inspirit Hemp. “With hemp-based skin products rapidly becoming more popular, we at Inspirit Hemp have already made our name in the market with the single-most potent formula you’ll find. The customers of will appreciate our commitment to quality and natural products to provide relief from common aches and pains.”

Some people may be unfamiliar with hemp products and have some concerns about their viability or legality. But all products made by Inspirit Hemp are completely legal and safe for use, and will not appear on any drug tests. Inspirit has put a great deal of research and testing into the products to make them as effective, safe and easy to use as possible.

“We are excited to have this opportunity to reach out to brand new audience through this new partnership and help more people find the pain relief they need,” said Ensminger.

Unlike other topicals that act only superficially, the CBD in InSpirit crèmes affects CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain to ease pain, Nordyke said.

As a doctor, Nordyke knew the effects oral painkillers would have on his liver and kidneys. So he set out on a mission to develop something that “really worked, without any side effects.” After a few years of research, he arrived at InSpirit’s formulation: “a non-psychoactive, THC-free, hemp based pain crème with zero side effects, which you can use as much as you want,” he said during a recent conversation.

Over his life, Nordyke underwent 17 surgeries, most of them related to a knee problem he suffered from. Of course, with these surgical procedures came a lot of pain.

Seeing how much it helped him deal with pain, Rodney and his wife, Holly Robinson Peete – who you may know from "The Talk" and "21 Jump Street" – reached out to Nordyke and his partner Rod Ensminger, and told them they wanted to be a part of the company.

The Details

“Holly and I came to know the founders and then became both spokespeople and partners in the company,” Peete said. “We could not be more excited about the product, and about where this company will go in the future!”

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InSpirit is also developing a hemp-based, liposomal, oral capsule that gets directly absorbed into the small intestine. The company expects in to hit the market over the next couple of years.

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Interestingly, Nordyke had a friend at iHeartMedia Inc IHRT who introduced two radio hosts at the company, former NFL player Rodney Peete and actress Holly Robinson Peete, to InSpirit’s crème. At the time, Peete was getting ready to get a knee replacement as well.