import cbd oil

The export of medicinal cannabis products from Australia was legalised in February 2018 through the Narcotic Drugs Amendment (Cannabis) Regulations 2018.

Import of cannabis material for manufacture of medicinal cannabis products

Importing cannabis products into Victoria for use in manufacturing medicinal cannabis is permitted provided the relevant import licence and permit are granted by the Australian Government. Import is only allowed from countries where cannabis for medicinal use is approved at the federal level.

Visit the ODC website on export of controlled substances for further information on the requirements and how to apply for an export licence and permit.

The import and export of medicinal cannabis products between countries, including those made from low THC cannabis, is tightly controlled and subject to international drug conventions. Approval must be granted by the national governments of both the importing and exporting countries before shipment can occur.

Per patient imports

The imported medicinal cannabis must be held under direct control of the importer until the goods are authorised for supply under SAS or AP.

Sponsored importation of medicinal cannabis products

An importer may seek import approval of medicinal cannabis products before SAS and AP requests, which will allow for supplies of medicinal cannabis products to be available in a more timely fashion. This does not change the requirements for approval through SAS or AP, but reduces time taken from approval to supply. Supply of medicinal cannabis products will remain a controlled process and there are a number of strict conditions that will be placed on importers and suppliers around what types of medicinal cannabis products may be imported and supplied, and how.