humulus kriya cbd

Humulus kriya cbd

The significance of the patented Kriya® cultivar of Asian hops is that it is the only non cannabis plant that contains high levels of natural, non-psychotropic cannabinoid CBD, and more than 24 medicinal terpenes such as β-Caryophyllene & ⍺-Humulene. The plant naturally contains zero THC; not even in the smallest trace amounts.

The Kriya® brand Hops plant is the only non cannabis plant that expresses CBD (Cannabidiol.) In this article we examine the origin of the Hops plant and why this is not very surprising.

Kriya® Hops is a potent immune stimulant and it can also be used as a general tonic to promote a calm mood & healthy inflammatory response.

Tracking Down Feral Hops

The original Hops plant was very hardy, grew rapidly and engulfed other neighboring plants. Their cones were larger. After the current Hops were optimized and cloned, they became sterile and frail. The plant hardly grew horizontally. The stalk became quite weak and frail. The lupulin Hops have to have strong strings supporting them to grow.

Jeffrey Boutain wrote a blog a couple of years after the author, Bomi Joseph, had trekked his way through the desolate India China border region, collecting feral Hops plants. Dr. Boutain stated he had studied 860 DNA tissue samples of Humulus yunnanensis (from China) and compared them to 150 Humulus lupulus samples from USA. It is apparent from his study that Humulus lupulus originated from Humulus yunnanensis and the correct nomenclature of Humulus lupulus should be Humulus yunnanensis var lupulus.

The Cannabaceae

‘Ale’ is the original drink of the Anglo-Saxons and the British. Ale is brewed from malt, without the addition of “hops.” ‘Beer’ is a brew made with the addition of hops. The earliest known Hops cultivations were in the Low Countries of Europe (modern Belgium and Holland) in the 15th century.

Cannabidiol (CBD) from hemp (Cannabis sativa) is one of the hottest supplements on the market. But not everyone is comfortable with hemp, because it is a cannabis species, nor can access it legally federally. That’s just one reason we are excited about a breakthrough discovery: a 100% natural, botanical CBD supplement made exclusively from hops.

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