honest paws cbd

My 15 year old, 58 lb, Lab mix, has bad arthritis in his hips. He was on Tramadol, Gabapentin, and Novox, which were helping him some, but not nearly enough. We had previously tried other things, including Adequan, none of which helped at all. I started him on this cbd, and to be honest, my hopes were not high, but within a few days, I could tell his pain was much improved already. He rarely struggles to sit down now, and the few times that he does, you can tell by looking at him, that it’s not nearly as painful as it used to be. His heavy panting has also been cut down almost 100%.

I weaned him off of all of his meds before giving him this, as I’ve read that cbd oil changes the way the liver processes certain medications. Giving them certain medications with cbd oil, can lead to fatal levels of prescription drugs building up in the body. It’s recommended to wean them off over a period of 3 weeks, but knowing he was in pain, I did it in 2 weeks because I felt really bad for him.

Half a dropper of the level 3 works for him. I do not mix it with anything. I put it between his teeth, and slowly squeeze it to make sure he swallows, instead of it dripping out of his cheeks. It’s best absorbed sublingual, but good luck getting it under your dogs tongue. I figure I’m getting it close enough lol. He gets a yummy treat immediately after, so he doesn’t totally hate getting his meds. He gets it in the morning before I go to work, and again when I get home. Sometimes he may need another dose before bedtime if we stay up late, and sometimes not. I really wish I had thought of giving him this 2 years ago. It costs me more than twice as much to give him this, as compared to the prescriptions, but it works 90% better, so it’s absolutely worth it. I’ve read that cbd oil can be really good for allergies and skin issues, but it is not helping him in that area at all. We’ve been doing this cbd oil for about 2 months now, and his skin is still a hot mess.

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Honest paws cbd

Ingredients: Organic full-spectrum hemp oil containing naturally occurring, and human-grade MCT oil.

Calm CBD Peanut Butter 1 oz. Pouch – 1 oz. pouch, 10mg of CBD per pouch

Level 1 – Up to 25lbs
Level 2 – 25lbs – 50lbs
Level 3 – Over 50lbs

Coming in 1 fl. oz (30 mL) glass bottles, Honest Paws full-spectrum hemp oil that includes naturally occurring CBD are categorized by dog weight/concentration to make each unit a 1-month supply.

100% human-grade CBD on-the-go

Arthritis – Osteoarthritis leaves your pet’s joints inflamed and in pain. CBD oil may act as an anti-inflammatory, and some owners have even found that they could reduce their pet’s NSAID dose, thereby lessening NSAIDs’ adverse effects.

Research centers have performed trials to determine how CBD oil for dogs may help or reduce the following health conditions.


Speak to your vet if your dog is on any chronic medication. Although you may find that since research for CBD is ongoing, your vet may not give you an outright yay or nay!


Anxiety – Studies have shown that cannabidiol may regulate anxiety disorders in both humans and companion animals.