highest cbd strain 2021

Highest cbd strain 2021

Research into CBD is exciting, and the above cannabis strains enable you to enjoy the possible benefits of the cannabinoid without an intoxicating high. Follow our safety tips above, try one of the strains we’ve mentioned, and let us know what you think.

THC works by binding to CB1 receptors, which are largely concentrated in the brain and central nervous system. These produce the intoxicating effects for which marijuana is famous.

This famous sativa dominant (75%) strain has the highest THC level on the list (at a range of 7 – 15%). However, it is also notable for having a high CBD content of at least 10%. The result means Harlequin is ideal for use during the day as it keeps you alert and energetic.

Now, let’s briefly look into CBD’s effects on anxiety disorders and other medical conditions.

5 – Harlequin (10-15% CBD, 7-15% THC)

CBD is also being looked at as a viable method for managing arthritic pain. A 2016 study by Hammell et al. involved applying CBD gel to rats over four days. The dosage was increased each day. Ultimately, the researchers discovered that the rats experienced reduced overall pain and inflammation in their affected joints with no side effects.

The Harle-Tsu high is rather mellow, and instead of providing you with a body or cerebral high, this strain works well as a painkiller. You may feel something of a buzz behind the eyes first, and then your body may feel free and relaxed afterward.

This strain is a 50/50 hybrid, and it has one of the highest CBD: THC ratios around. You can get up to 20% CBD versions of ACDC. While some contain up to 6% of THC, it is possible to get one with as little as 0.42%. ACDC generally leads to a strong euphoric feeling, making the user feel calm and happy. It is ideal for daytime use as it tends to make users more focused on their work and increases sociability.

What Are the Potential Health Benefits of High CBD/Low THC Strains?

Oddly enough, Harlequin is also useful for relaxing and staying calm. It has a soothing effect all over the body and in the head. The high CBD content somewhat negates the high THC content. Therefore, it should be okay to smoke it during the day, although dry eyes are a possible side effect.

Many people enjoy the intoxicating high offered by high THC marijuana strains. However, an increasing number of individuals understand the potential medicinal benefits of high CBD strains.

Highest cbd strain 2021

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Marijuana is generally THC-rich giving its users the famous feeling of being high and relaxed.

Higher potency means lesser puffs to get the most out of your hemp plant. Often manufacturers place product information in the form of labels or on the website for easy access. Brands such as Tweedle Farms provide a report of the corresponding batch people receive their order out of.

FAQs About CBD Flower Strains

As goes with all online shopping, it all boils down to the shopping experience. When product quality is low and the brand knows it, the return process is complex enough for a customer to stick through it. On the other hand, a good brand will be confident about the success of its product and will offer money-back guarantees to its customers.

A brand with good standing in the market and confidence in its product’s quality will have nothing to hide. On the contrary, if a business is up to something fishy or has been involved in unsafe business practices, you will often find a satisfactory level of information missing.


CBD Flower Buyer’s Guide

CBD American Shaman also facilitates returns in 30 days if you are dissatisfied with the product and a money-back guarantee within 45 days. No hard feelings, just a chance to experience what works out for you. If you ask us, this is a pretty distinctive feature by the brand.

Answering these questions will help you sift through to the right answer. You must learn to differentiate high-quality hemp from low-quality one. For instance, how does it smell? Are the seeds inside the strain? And many other questions will help you make up your mind.