heli cbd pure romance

Heli cbd pure romance

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Hi Shannon!
Thank you for your feedback! We really value being able to provide a fun and safe space amongst friends!

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Stands by its products and its brand…

Okay so I had got The Twilight Mood Vibrator in January 2020 and the first couple times I used it it was amazing, then I noticed it started to be really loud when I would use it like you could hear the vibration then the next time I used it it was really warm to touch now the charge is only lasting 1 hour then it’s just shutting off! It sucks because I really enjoyed this toy and I spent a lot of money on this toy and I feel after a few months it should be working properly! So I would like to know if there is anything that could be done or if anyone can please help me or direct me in the direction of someone who can help me!! Thank you

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Hi Karen!
Thank you for your feedback! We love that you are mesmerized by this awesome fragrance! If you have any questions, please give us a call at 866-ROMANCE!

Such an amazing company with amazing…

Hi Jessie!
Thank you for your feedback! We love that you're had such a good experience with us! We look forward to continue to serving you in the future!

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Heli cbd pure romance

It’s called a SEX ATTRACTANT on our website, but I use it daily. I even use it to help with my headaches!

There is a wide range of different products available from wellness, to beauty, for everyone in your life.

TIP: I use this a hair conditioner as well when needed. Just a apply to the ends, leave in for a few minutes, and rinse.

Beauty & Body

We also have body soak infused with CBD, PH-D balanced bubble bath, and our HeLi (Healthy Living) aftershave spray.

That’s right. Of all of the products Pure Romance has to offer, something as simple as shaving cream takes the trophy. But there isn’t anything simple about our shaving cream!

Pure Romance Gift Guide

Body Dew & Kiss

Shopping at Pure Romance for a gift isn’t taboo, or even unheard of! You would be surprised how often my customers are not only shopping for themselves but for a friend or family member, too!